The Border Prince Campaign

Welcome to the Border Prince Campaign nexus page. All material relating to Border Prince will be listed here. The campaign is currently on hiatus.

Setting & Rules

The Border Prince is a lawless region where roving war bands fight each other over limited resources. That is until six general decided to conquer the region with their immense army. Each general has their own reasons for invading and they are not the type to share power.

The Border Prince Campaign is a map base system that uses Warhammer Fantasy to play out battles. Our campaign started with six players each playing with a different Warhammer Fantasy army (Beastmen, Lizardmen, High Elves, Skaven, Vampire Counts and Warriors of Chaos). Each player started with a capital on the edge of the map and a single banner in said capital. For every three territories a player controls they get an additional banner in or near their capital. The goal is to have the most influences at the end of 20 turns. Each territory a player controls gives them one point of influence while controlling one of the five special territories gives them additional influence. At the beginning of every turn players write down orders for all their banners in secret and everybody's orders are reveal and resolved at the same time. Orders that can be given to banners are move, hold, fortify, recover and raze. Hold means the banner doesn't move from its location. Fortify means the banner is trying to build the defense of its current location. As long as the banner is not attacked on the turn its fortifying, it will gain a bonus in combat at that location in future turns. Move means the banner travels from one territory to an adjacent one. If the new location is a neutral or enemy control territory, it is now controlled by that banner's owner army. Raze destroys the resources of the banner's current location. A razed location no longer count towards the number of banners a nation can have. Also if one of the special territories is razed, it will lose it special rules. If a banner is in a raze location, it can be given the recover order to restore the land to its original state. If a banner is unable to complete its order (either by failing crossing a river or trying move into an area that already have a friendly banner) it is consider to have been given the Hold order instead.

If two banners move into the same location or if they tried to move into each other location or a single banner move into an occupied location then the two forces must fight a battle. The winner claims the location as part of their empire. The defeated banner retreats back into friendly territory or if they were routed in battle scatters back to their capital. The size of these battles are based on various factors. Starting with a base of 2500 points, turning in a short story earns that player an additional 100 points for every banner in combat the during the next turn, being in a fortify location gives 200 additional points and receive support earns additional 200 points per assisting banner. Also everyone first banner is lead by their warlord and has 500 additional points for battle. Banners can assist another banner in combat as long as they are adjacent to the area the battle is taking place in and that they themselves are not in a battle.

Players are able to form alliance with other players. Alliances have to be declared at the beginning of the turn before orders are given. Ally nations are able to travel through each other territories without the ownership changing hands and can defend each others territories from invaders. Allies can also help each other in combat by sending support. Ally banner adjacent to a battle can send 200 points worth of core units to help. An alliance can be broken any time with an aggressive action towards a former ally. Alliances can even be broken in the middle of a battle!

Lore & Maps

Each Warlord has their own reason for coming to the Border Prince Region. Each of those reasons are listed here:

The makeup of Warriors of Chaos's Banners.
Who is the Arkyrian Cabal?

Campaign meeting are when all the players get together to resolve game turns. If at the end of a campaign turn there is no Warhammer Battle to play out, we will resolve the next turn as well.

Turn 3 Map - Beginning Lore

Turn 4 Map - Turn 4 Lore

Turn 5 Map - Turn 5 Lore

Turn 6 Map

Turn 7 Map - Turn 7 Lore

Turn 8 Map

Turn 9 Map

Turn 11 Map

Turn 12 Map

Turn 13 Map

Turn 14 Map

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