Friday, July 31, 2015

The Arkyrian Cabal

While most enemies are easy to recognize, there is a threat to the world that is invisible to most eyes. A threat that has threads into nearly every nation or military force. That threat is the Arkyrian Cabal, a secret society of wizards whom true loyalties lies with themselves and the organization. Being among the most accomplish wielders of magic in the world, the Arkyrian's members have earn positions of great influence as advisors, court magician, and the like in numerous armies or nations. Using their influence Cabal members have siphon wealth and information from their home nation into the coffers of the secret society. Because this spying is not to another nation, their deceit is nearly impossible to catch. Spying aside, members do help their home nation to the best of their abilities until that nation's goals are in opposition to the goals of the Arkyrian Cabal. In that case members will not hesitant to bring their home nation to ruin.

An unique aspect of the Arkyrian Cabal is that even the members do not know the identity of other Arkyrian members. At their meetings every member wears oversize hooded robes to hide their features. While there they are given a large medallion to wear around their neck. Each medallion has a different letter engraved on it. These letters have no importance other than a means of identifying the member who wears it. None of the members even know exactly how many Arkyrian Cabal members there are total. Estimates are around 20 to 30 "grand" members and around hundred "lesser" members. Cabal meetings usually take place in deep caves or underground caverns that are dimly lit to help mask peoples identities. There is usually three to six very large alcoves in the meeting hall. They are always filled with a deep impenetrable darkness that makes vision inside impossible. Members whom wander near these alcoves can feel the powerful presence of something emanating from within the alcoves. Everyone assumes the alcoves hides the identities of the more monstrous members but few knows for sure.

The one entity that knows all of the Arkyrian Cabal's secrets is its mysterious leader. The leader is the one whom created the Arkyrian Cabal and personally convince every member to join while keeping his identity a secret. The members only know two things about their leader: his arcane knowledge is immense and his presence exudes more magical energy than any being they have ever known. Even the most arrogant sorcerer will admit that their leader can wield magic better than themselves in every way possible. Despite his overwhelming power, it was his charismatic leadership plus his willingness to share his knowledge that earn the loyalty of the Arkyrian members. For a handful of members their level of trust for their leader goes beyond this. The mysterious leader acted as a mentor to these members early in their mystic studies. His teachings was what allow some of those members to excel in the arcane arts in the first place. For these members the mysterious leader is not just a source to achieving greatness but more of a father figure.

The goals of the Arkyrian Cabal are simple. They want power. Some wants to be kings or queens, some have other ambitions, but all of them want to increase their own arcane power. By following the orders of the mysterious leader, the Arkyrian Cabal has formed the building blocks of an invisible empire. Scatter across the world the Cabal has hidden military outpost and secret laboratories. These facilities has money and other resources members may need and can tap into. During the Cabal's latest meeting, the mysterious leader announce that enough of these facilities have been setup that the Arkyrian Cabal can now move into the next phase of his plans. He assure his members that soon their personal power will grow and the foundation of the world will shudder!

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