Saturday, September 6, 2014

Border Prince Lore: Lizardmen

Lizardmen Backstory
By Tristen Fellowz

Delicate hands held a small trinket close. The finely crafted object resting, mere inches, from the rhythmic rise and fall of an ample bosom. Exquisite, almond shaped eyes danced innerly with the radiant glow emanating below. It was a ring. Studded with three stones of rare worth. The room was dark and still. Light, like emerald fire, shone from three pear shaped gems. She beheld the jewerly with baited breath, as one who receives their deepest desire with but a moments notice.

Soft features, atop an elegant framework of finely sculpted bone, gifted her with a visage fit for a nymph. Her every curve was enticing. Long burnette strands, silky and smooth, danced whimsically around her mantle. Had they rested about her as to be expected, the mane would have reached down to the crest of her derriere. Instead her hair extended her personal space in all directions. The effect was to create a mesmerizing aura about her. An effect that could be stared upon and not grow dull.

Bone hewn heels, leather stitched to high backed boots, tied curvaceously around lengthy calves, fidgeted softly in the dimly lit ambience. Her delicate diaphram flexed slightly in pace with her rapid breathing under the tightness of her corset. She was teasing herself. Eagerly awaiting the moment that she would slip the ring on her slender finger. She did so not entirely without reason. As was obvious with the eerie glow bathing the room, the ring was more than a precious sculpt of metal and gem stones.

Gazing down, eyes set amidst her ever shifting curls and strands, thin slit pupils caught the light reflected from the precious stones. Each pupil formed a pin point of light, like a candle from a great distance. Completing the incantation inside her head, the mystical auras of the ring seeped slowly into her vision.

Each gemstone had the image of a rune a short distance above it. Runes shaped from fire. The runes wrapped around the ring like a cresent moon. Drawing her breath quickly and holding it in, she slipped the ring on her finger.

The effect was immediate. Her blood began to course wildly through her veins. Heart pounding within her chest as though it might burst. Lean muscles flexed with exquisite tension and her chest heaved greatly. Raw energy washed over her in a blissful current. The feeling slowly began to subside and she opened eyes she had closed on impulse. The world looked anew and she had a glow about her. Peace.

She cherished the rush of magic, attuning itself to a new master. It was intoxicating. A prized sensation that many never felt. She let out a deep breath and closed her eyes again.


While the heart fluttered of the enchanted female something stirred, far away, restless. Deep in the dank jungle depths of myth and swarming viper bulging eyes, yellowed with the passing of strange eons, flickered. A short raspy voice whispered breathlessly in a language lost to most of the world.

Quickly, shadowed diminutive figures raced about, springing into life with their master's awakening. Three of the creatures met together finally in the center of the cyclopean chamber. A rune borne in each clawed hand. The runes came together and the humanoids pieced together the meaning of their master's words. "Thieves gather with golden treasure, of fate and fortune import. We march."

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