Thursday, September 4, 2014

Border Prince Lore: Beastmen

Jeff Morck

As the Beastlord Krookentou, the Cutthroat Spike, ascended a hill overlooking the area called the Border Princes, he could feel it in his blood that this was his time. Krookentou knew this was the place where he would start the return of the Children of Chaos to rightful place as masters of the land, and all the lesser races would hide in fear.

Since the night he fought his way out of the womb of the female that had borne him, he knew he was meant for greatness. Krookentou knows he has been blessed by the Dark Gods, because his first memory of that night was looking up and seeing Morrslieb when Morrslieb was most full and at his zenith. Krookentou recalled the stories he had heard as Young Beastagor from the older ones around the fire. Krookentou would gnaw on a piece of flesh he had taken from a Gor or a weaker Beastagor and listen to the stories about the old times where the Beast ruled world and other were just prey. His Blood would boil during the story of the Battle of Golden Hammer, where man rose to an undeserved level and stole the Children of Chaos power. Krookentou knows, he must learn from the past so the cloven-ones to rule the future

Krookentou had been there when Khazrak the One-Eye, had defeated Graktar in a challenge to become the Chieftain of the Warherd. Krookentou thought it was a sign of weakness when Khazrak had banished Graktar instead of killing him. Now that Graktar has returned and started to gather his own warherd, and caused the Breatsmen to become divided. Krookentou learned that the only good enemy is a dead enemy.

Khazrak the One Eye also taught Krookentou that a Beastlord must control a Warherd by sheer will and power. Krookentou knows that the Warherd would never as organized as a human army. Krookentou still demands discipline and total obedience. The Gor or Ungor that springs an ambush or a Wargor, who fails to lead his troop victory, may find themselves on the herds menu.

Now as his Warherd moves through the Black Pass into the Lands of the Border Princes, Krookentou knows he has learned his lessons, and he is ready. More importantly than Krookentou being ready he knows his Warherd is ready. As the warherd of Beastigors, Gors, and Ungors moved into the Border Princes, Krookentou could hear the roars and feel the rumbling of the ground as his monsters made their way to the Border Princes area. Krookentou felt Breatman’s pride in his Warherd, a Warherd where even the Ungors were impressive. This was the Warherd that put Children of Chaos back in charge of this world. As Krookentou walked back down the hill and to his rightful place at the front of this Warherd, he was told by waves of returning Harpies scouts that other groups were moving into the Border Princes. The Harpies report that groups of Elves, Lizards, Undead, and Rats. It did not matter to Krookentou, he knew that his Warherd would consume all the order and shat out chaos.

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