Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Border Prince Lore: Warriors of Chaos


The Arkyrian Cabal is a secret society of wizards. They want to control the world from the shadows. While most members are in positions where they have to pretend they serve another, Vanacyr is rare in that she is in command of her own, albeit very small, army. Even rare is that some of her followers knows about the Arkyrian existence. The core of her Chaos army is made up mostly of elves, with dark elves being the most common. While much shorter and leaner, these elves are just as tough and skilled as their Chaos cousins. Vanacyr has used her army as the arm of the Arkyrian Cabal many times.

On this particular day her motives are more personal. As evening breaks into dusk, Vanacyr orders her forces to set up camp. Through the power of Chaos most of Vanacyr followers do not need sleep or food. They do consume food and wine quite often and sometime sleep because they enjoy it. This night, much like many others, they choose to eat and drink all night long. At least they plan to. However at midnight the partying quieted down. Each warrior suddenly felt extremely weary and had a great desire to sleep. Even Vanacyr felt the exhaustion and did not think anything was strange about it. That is until she sat down and started resting her eyes. An act she does so rarely that it alerted her mind. “Why am I doing this?” she asked herself. Not able to provide an answer told her something was very wrong. Vanacyr snapped awake with a blade in hand. Scanning her surroundings reveal to her that every follower dedicate to her was fast asleep. Vanacyr knew now she was dealing with dark sorcery, someone who skills surpass her centuries of knowledge.

Vanacyr felt a presence from beyond a copse nearby. Tighten her grip on her sword, she walked towards the presence. She might be outmatch in the arcane in general, but Vanacyr was confident in her abilities when combat is concern. After crossing the copse, Vanacyr felt an immense arcane presence. She immediately kneel, not because she was intimidate of the arcane energies, but because she recognize who the presence was. Vanacyr address the presence with a single word, “Master.” A few nearby twigs and leaves erupted with a purple flame. A deep and bellowing voice echo from those flames.

“Lady Vanacyr. You have serve me and the Cabal well. Both needs your services again.”

“Of course Master, anything you order I will see it done!” Vanacyr answered. Her gaze fix on the ground. If there was any detail in her surroundings, she would not have notice it.

“You are to travel west into the mountains. There you will feel a strange but strong arcane presence. Follow that presence until you get to the source. You are to give command of your army to this individual. He will lead you to the next phase.”

“But ...” Vanacyr started to say. She almost rose her head but then she just sigh in disappointment. “Yes master. If I may, how long do I have take orders from this individual and who is this person?”

“I will inform you when you may take back your command. As for the identity of this person …

He is the Essence of Pandemonium …

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