Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Border Prince - Turn 8 Map

The terrain to proved to greatly favor the Vampire Counts. Chaos was unable to help because their unit was stuck behind Skaven's hoard of rat ogres. By the time Chaos got free movement of the battlefield, the fight was already over. The rat ogres were unstoppable but they were stuck on the wrong side of the board. The rest of the Skaven army was destroyed and the undead was more than happy to run away for the rest of the game. Victory to Vampire Counts. Vampire Counts has also made an alliance with the High Elves. In turn the High Elves and Beastmen have agreed to a non-aggression pact.

1. Bloody Hooves
2. Bloody Sky
3. Herd of Rusty Fang
4. Amendial
5. Elendir
6. Elendrial
7. Aeglan
8. Skaven Banner 1
9. Skaven Banner 2
10. Skaven Banner 3
11. Skaven Banner 4
12. Unholy Undead
13. The Night Riders
14. Ethereal Enemy
15. Ghastly Fingers
16. Creeping Death
17. Pandemonium
18. Vanacyr's Blade
19. Sun of Corruption
20. Nature's Curse
21. Chaos Black

Vampire Counts and Skaven are immediately having a round 2 on the right side of the map. And now High Elves does not have to worry (for now) about their northern front, they can concentrate their forces into the Warriors of Chaos growing empire. WoC were not expecting this level of aggression from the High Elves, leaving their Western boarder lightly defended. This could be a major turning point for the war.

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