Friday, August 29, 2014

Border Prince - Turn 3 Map

I've crafted two maps to help visualize the progress of the Border Prince campaign thus far.  The first map shows where each army setup its capital.  A key to the colors is as follows:

Beastmen - Brown
High Elves - Blue
Lizardmen - Green
Skaven - Yellow
Vampire Counts - Dark Purple
Warriors of Chaos - Red

The next map shows the territory each empire controls and where their banners are located after turn 3.

1. Bloody Hooves
2. Bloody Sky
3. Amendial
4. Elendir
5. Creeping Sepia
6. Smoulder Stride
7. Skaven Banner 1
8. Skaven Banner 2

9. Unholy Undead - Largely shaped from what Dieter brought with him from Kleiberstorf, its now expanded by nearly a full fifth since entering the region.

10. The Night Riders - Dieter's Vampire cousin, Von Hayek loves close quarter combat and prefers the use of cavalry and chariots.

11. Pandemonium - Randomly picking from the main army and the monsters he subjugated on the mountain, Xizamiron marches into the Border Princes keeping his plans to himself.

12. Vanacyr's Blade - Surrounded by her most trusted and loyal followers, Vanacyr looks for enemies to unleash her frustration at losing command of her own army.

The campaign is on a brief pause so the battle between Creeping Sepia vs Pandemonium can be resolved.  Both sides have support so the battle will be a massive 3200 vs 3200.

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