Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Border Prince Lore: Skaven

Razeek Twotail
Skaven Grey Seer
By Phil Sidebottom

When Razeek was young one of his spells miscasted sending him into unconsciousness, during which he was visited by the Great Horned Rat, may his schemes never fail. The Great Horned Rat, Great be thy name, told Razeek that he will find a great treasure that will lead the Skaven to greatness. When he awoke from his vision, he did what any self respecting skaven would do, he kept the vision to himself and study the details in secret. After several long years of pouring over books and scrolls, Razeek had discovered the area where he must do further research, but the place was infested with non Skaven nuisances. So the first step is to get a clan to clear the infestation out but without divulging his true goal . . . an easy task.

Razeek found Clan Wolf Talon as the perfect clan to use for this task. The clan was in disarray as the right to rule the clan was being claimed by three Warlords. He entered the grand hall of the Wolf Talon during one of their great “debates”(aka Insult war) and declared “ The Great Horned One has spoken to me and only one of the skaven in this room will be able to lead this Clan to greatness.” With this knowledge the three Warlords began to scheme and plan with their closest advisers. It did not take to much time for Razeek to gain the trust of each warlord in private, while a skaven's tongue can be sharpe and made of the smoothest sliver, no skaven can compare to a Grey Seer's sneaky tongue. For many months, the war of sly and cunning that only skaven can fight waged with very little progress except for Razeek, for he had successfully turned all of their advisers to his side, and on the last day of the month, Razeek had invited the three Warlords to the grand hall of the Wolf Talon. Along with them, came their advisers, whom up to this point was on the edge of deciding between their warlord of Razeek. Razeek addressed each warlord in turn and congratulated them and their advisers on their skill of cunning for the last few months then with a quick flash of his tongue he cut the ties between the warlords and their advisers showing that all the work was done by the advisers and not the warlords. The advisers all made their decision and furnished their blades and stabbed and cut the warlords in front of them, all of which were still oblivious of the treason that was to befell them. As the final grasp of air the last warlord exclaimed “You said on of us would be Clan Leader, you lied!” “I did say one of us would Clan Leader, that one was me.” Razeek replied with a skitter that would make the Great Horned Rat jealous, though no one could ever come close to his laughter nor try but this Skitter was a good one in The Great Horned One's eye.

With the Wolf Talon clan under his control without even dirtying his own hands, as to be expected from the victor of a skaven secret war, the first task was done. Now all that is left is to exterminate the vermin leaving on the land he needs to search.

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