Monday, October 20, 2014

Border Prince - Turn 6 Map

Beastmen were unable to arrange time for the battle and surrender territory 38 to the High Elves. This push Bloody Sky into territory 20. After turn 6 movements the map look like this...

1. Bloody Hooves
2. Bloody Sky
3. Amendial
4. Elendir
5. Elendrial
6. Skaven Banner 1
7. Skaven Banner 2
8. Skaven Banner 3
9. Unholy Undead
10. The Night Riders
11. Ethereal Enemy
12. Pandemonium
13. Vanacyr's Blade
14. Sun of Corruption

Beastmen and High Elves are going at it again. This time it is Bloody Hooves vs Amendial. No one has support but High Elves get 100 point bonus for turning in a story. Both are generals so its going to be a 3000 vs 3100 point game.

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