Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Border Prince - Turn 4 Map

The battle of Lizardmen vs Warriors of Chaos was both weird and bloody. Turn 1 saw both sides lose their general. The Slann nearly killed the Daemon Prince with a single casting of Searing Doom, dropping him to his knees. The power of Searing Doom however created such a backlash that it rain destruction on his own men and claimed the Slann's life. The Slann's lieutenant finished the job with a Chain Lightning spell that turned the Daemon Prince to ash. And that was just the beginning. For the next 4 turns Lizardmen found victory on one side of the board while Chaos had it on the other side. And the lieutenant following in his general footsteps, miscast every turn for the rest of the game. By the end Chaos only had a few units left but they proved to be the monsters they truly are and force the Lizardmen to retreat. Victory for Chaos!

1. Bloody Hooves
2. Bloody Sky
3. Amendial
4. Elendir
7. Skaven Banner 1
8. Skaven Banner 2
9. Unholy Undead
10. The Night Riders
11. Pandemonium
12. Vanacyr's Blade

Sadly Turn 4 saw the Lizardmen drop out of the campaign. Our game was fun and I hope to play him again in the next campaign. Meanwhile the campaign has another battle to resolve. Bloody Sky vs Amendial will be going at it. Bloody Sky has support so it will be at 2700. Amendial is a main banner and will get the story bonus putting it at 3100.

Note: The meeting for turn 6 is this week. I am really behind and I hope to catch up next week.

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