Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Last Extension

I've made up a flyer and had it put up at Hero Complex this weekend. I want to give new people a week to see the flyer before proceeding with the campaign. I was also told my order had shipped so it should be in this week. With those two things in mind, I'm delaying the deadline by one more week. The plan is still the same as in the last post, with August 4 being the new deadline.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I order a couple of items for the campaign three weeks ago that still have not arrived. One of which was for the map. As a result I am extending the deadline by a week. Therefore the plans for the campaign is as follows:

1. Deadline to signup is July 28
2. After the deadline I will build the map based on current players
3. I will inform players on campaign specific rules and what they need to do before the start of the campaign
4. I will choose a kickoff date base on the available of current players
5. Campaign Kickoff!

If anyone has any questions or concerns about this, please connect me either by email or comments.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What is Blood in the Badlands and an Army Roster

In case anyone does not know what Blood in the Badlands is, here is a brief description.  Badlands is an alternate set of rules for the Mighty Empires campaign.  The campaign will take place over 12 turns, which represents one year in game time.  Each turn players will play at least one Warhammer Fantasy battle while also expanding their empire by moving armies, fortifying territory and collecting gold from mines on a tile map.  Some of the Warhammer battles will take advantage of the Storm of Magic rules for added magic and monster craziness.  The seasons each have their own rules that slightly alters game play.  Each season last 3 game turns and will end with a mega-battle, an epic battle involving every player.  The winner of the last mega-battle is the winner of the entire campaign.

I've add an Army Roster page so anybody can see who has sign up so far and what army they are planning on using. Any questions about the roster or the campaign itself please email me at vadth_the_bluelock@yahoo.com.