Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Forsaken 3

I had hope to be finished or near finished with my forsaken by this update but sadly that did not happen.  The only painting I was able to do this week was today at the shop.  Still, progress is progress.

The campaign will kickoff this weekend with a mega battle.  These forsakens will be apart of my forces in that battle so I will be basing them this week at the very least.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Progress on Forsaken

Here is my second paint log.  I still have not touch the Valiant.  My progress on the forsaken feels so slow.  I need to get a move on since I want to use them in the opening battle of the campaign which is less than two weeks away if not sooner.  Still comparing this week pictures to last weeks gives me hope to continue working.  I did not do as much work at the shop as I would have hope and ran out of time for pictures.  These pictures were taken at home which was a mistake.  It took me 60 plus shots to get 3 pictures that was not blurry.

The arm came off from me dropping my clippers on them.  Fortunately it was just the glue giving out.  I haven't re-glued it yet because it is easier to paint.  Everything should be on bases and nearly done by next week.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Forsaken Paint Log

This is my first attempt at my paint log and its very embarrassing.  However the point is to get me to make progress on my painting so here it is.

These pictures show that not only do I need practice painting but also in photography.  Still I am happy to be making progress.  Sadly I've only prime my Valiant so there is no picture of it yet.  Hopefully I can show it off next time.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's Next

I have several new projects I will be starting soon on this blog. Foremost among these have to do with the Master's Campaign. The Master's Campaign combines rules from several different campaign systems. Army lists are static. Once written our army list do not change and we keep track of where each unit is located on the game map. Casualties from battles can become permanent so attrition becomes a factor in the campaign. There will be points where we will get resources to resupply our armies. I will not be running the Master's Campaign but I will be participating. I've learn the campaign is starting a lot sooner than I thought so I have work to do. I do not know what role this blog will have in the campaign as some of that will depend on the GM. However the GM has a story to tell with the campaign and I will like to use this blog to enhanced my involvement with said story.

Campaign aside though somewhat related, another project I will be starting is a painting log. Taking pictures of my Badlands campaign reminded me that I have a lot of minis that I need to put together and paint. I hope having a showcase here will encourage me to pick up the brush more. My showcase will include items outside of my Warriors of Chaos army. A friend has gotten me interest in BattleTech recently. Starting a new miniature game with a model count much lower than I use to, it should be easy to keep the army painted. First thing on my paint log is to complete and paint 10 of my custom Forsaken models and paint my currently only BattleTech model, a Valiant.

The last set of projects will be me writing articles and a story. The first few articles I want to write will be mostly about Warriors of Chaos but it is my hope to eventually write worthwhile articles about other Warhammer armies, other aspects of the hobby as well as other miniature games. And lastly, I have an idea for a three part story that will tell the beginnings of a Warriors of Chaos army I will like to play in a campaign sometime.