Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Border Prince Lore: Warriors of Chaos 2


Vanacyr was perusing maps spread out on a table trying to figure out where Xizamiron was taking her army. He made no mention to her about where they were going nor what they would do once they got there. He just pointed at a direction and told her people to start marching. Judging by the local features Vanacyr guess they were nearing the Border Prince region.

It was mid day and the army had stop to rest. It had grown much larger recently and many of the new recruits require rest from time to time. The cabal had arrange for additional supplies to be picked up on the way. The army ran across a number of small warbands which join the army. Vanacyr had a feeling the cabal was behind this as well. On the mountain where she meet up with Xizamiron lived numerous monsters. Through his presence alone, Xizamiron had subjugated nearly every monster in that area and force them into service.

Looking up from her maps, Vanacyr's eyes meet a man standing nearby, a person she has never seen before. Wearing a brown robe, he had short red hair and a full beard. The man stared up at her with an inquisitive look. He was of average height for a male human. Vanacyr was slightly shorter than your average Chaos sorcerer, which meant she towered over this man, and the other elves in the army. Normally she would react to the sudden appearance of a man with violence. Or demand he identify himself, and then violence. However she has grown accustomed and extremely annoyed at people suddenly appearing. So instead she just stared at the man until he spoke.

“Are you going to say anything?” he said in a voice that was deep and unearthly.

“Is there anything you want me to say … My Lord?” Vanacyr answered, almost spitting the last part. After meeting with Xizamiron on the mountain Vanacyr and her people quickly learned that he had the ability to change his appearance seemly at will. He also seem to enjoy the havoc caused by mysterious persons appearing around the army.

“Not really,” Xizamiron said seemly disappointed.

“Could you please change into your true form? Constantly changing your appearance is harmful to army morale,” Vanacyr asked him.

“What makes you think you are worthy of witnessing my true form?”

“We saw it on the mountain?”

“Oh you mean that. That's fine then. … What did I look like?” Vanacyr was aghast. From her perspective Xizamiron seemed to be doing everything he could to irritate her. Yet she could help but think his question had an honesty quality about it.

“You looked like a mighty Demon Prince,” she said hesitatingly. She couldn't believe she had to explain what he looked like to him.

“That's it? I suppose I can limited my appears to those forms,” he said. Vanacyr had the mental image of everyday witness a different Demon Prince. 'It would be an improvement over what's he doing now' she thought to herself.

“My liege?” The voice of a nearby barbarian grabbed both Vanacyr and Xizamiron's attention. He was standing in front of a small group of his peers.

“What do you want?” Xizamiron asked, obviously annoyed.

“You summoned us,” barbarian sheepishly said.

“I did?”

“Yes, you asked for my fastest scout,” Vanacyr said.

“I see. Do you have a map of the Border Prince region on that table?” Xizamiron asked her. She quickly retrieve one and handed it to him. One by one, Xizamiron told each of the barbarians where he wanted them to travel to on the map. “Ride hard, but keep your eyes open. Meet up with me here,” he concluded by pointing to an area on the southern part of the map. Vanacyr notice that spot was a few miles from where they currently were.

“Why there?” she asked.

“Because that's where we will set up our capital,” Xizamiron answered. “We will need a base of operations to begin our conquest of the land,” he added. All those who were in ear shot of the comment quickly turn their head in disbelief. The thought of them going to a sustain war was a complete shock. Noticing everyone around him seem to be in a daze he asked Vanacyr, "Is there a problem with that?"

Soon, as the crowd began to process the words and their meaning, the shock was replace with sadistic glee. "No. No problem at all," Vanacyr answered with a smile.


A little more than a week later the scouts return to the site of Xizamiron's new capital. After hearing their report he hand pick the soldiers that would be marching with him. There seem to be little rhyme or reason for his choices and those picked had little time to ponder for they had to be ready to march in mere hours. The scout's report did concern Vanacyr a little. The report mentions 5 enemies in the region; Skaven, Undead, Beastmen Lizardmen and High Elves, with the Lizardmen relatively nearby. The Undead & Beastmen as well as the Lizardmen & High Elves seemed to have had formed a pact with each other. That tips things against them and Vanacyr didn't like that. As much as she hated it, Vanacyr needed to seek out Xizamiron before he left and asked for his approval to ally with the Skaven. It was not hard for her to find him. His current form was that of a metallic Demon Prince. His wings more closely resemble blades than anything for flight.

"My Lord, may I have a word with you," Vanacyr said to him. Stopping his movement Xizamiron slowly turned toward her.


"I suggest we make a pact of convenience with the Skaven. Since the others have already done so, it would put us and the Skaven in a disadvantage if we do not do the same," she said. Vanacyr could tell there was anger in his eyes. She still held her ground, believing in the merit of her proposal.

"Do as you like," was all he said as he turned away from her.

"Thank you my lord. I will send a courier immediately," she said.

"NO!" Xizamiron shouted. His booming voice echoing through out the camp. Vanacyr jumped at the sudden outburst. With his back to her Xizamiron continue albeit with a much softer voice, "You want an alliance? You go to the Skaven yourself." Without looking back Xizamiron stomped off leaving Vanacyr simmering with anger. In her mind Vanacyr heard additional words. Words that were insulting and demeaning towards her. Most of the surrounding soldiers didn't 'hear' these words, but some did. Some just shrug and moved on with their duty. Others, those who have been apart of Vanacyr's army for years, were almost as upset as she was. Despite knowing how powerful Xizamiron was and knowing that starting a civil war while surrounded by enemies was suicide, if Vanacyr gave the order to attack Xizamiron they would do so in an instant. So they waited on the decision of their queen.

For a full ten minutes Vanacyr did not move from that spot. Her fist were clenched so tightly that blood was beginning to seeped between her knuckles. But she did not say a word. A 'cat' slowly walked up to Vanacyr and purred softly. Nudging her leg, Vanacyr's attention turned to the 'cat'. Vanacyr scratch the kitty behind her ears. This 'cat' resemble a massive lion, tiger and a jaguar roll into one. With supernatural grace and speed Vanacyr mounted the creature's back. The creature rose, extending her colorful wings, for the creature was a close cousin of manticores. The creature was one of the monsters subjugated on the mountain but during the journey had taken a liking to Vanacyr.

"Kehanoil, you are in charge while I am gone. Make sure you have a force ready to march when I return," Vanacyr said to one of her most loyal followers.

"Yes my lady," he replied. With that the mighty creature took to the air. Vanacyr guided the creature northeast. Her anger now gone Vanacyr focused on her mission. She now needed to decide what she going to say to the Skaven.

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