The World of Chaos

Welcome to the World of Chaos nexus. This page is dedicated to providing addition backstory to the Chaos Magic fantasy setting as well as help organize the lore already publish on the site. The links provided below are to a more detailed profile page. As with most things on this blog, this page is a work in progress. Therefore this page will be continually expanding and evolving over time.


Chaos King - Chaos King Amirren is consider by many to be the strongest warlord in the region. His claim to that title is due to a combination of his own personal strength, the power of the army he commands and the complete loyalty of the 'Lords of Chaos'. The Lords of Chaos are 9 warlords, each with nearly as much resources and personal might as Amirren himself. Many are some of the most powerful sorcerers in the land. Amirren's enemies tremble with fear at the thought of him directing in essence 10 massive armies under his command at them. Fortunately for the world between the logistics and the in-fighting between the Lords of Chaos, it's rarely all 10 armies are ever in one location.

Arkyrian Cabal - The Arkyrian Cabal is a secret society of sorcerers with plans to control the world. The Arkyrian Cabal's leader sent member Vanacyr on a mission to benefit the Cabal's cause.

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