Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Border Prince Lore: Warriors of Chaos 5


When Xizamiron's scouts told him that Dieter Geheimnisnacht himself was marching towards one of the Skaven's forces, he sent a unit of warriors to help. It was entirely made up of elven warriors that have been following Vanacyr before she left elven society centuries ago. Xizamiron figure they would be a good fighting force and it was a chance to get rid of them. Either way the warriors were more than happy to go. They march non stop to get to the Skaven's camp whom were also happy to see the help. The warriors were paid with a bag full Warpstones with the promise of another bag after the battle. To make sure the payment made it back to their camp, the warriors drew straws. Those whom got the short straws had to stay away from the battle.

The warriors keep to themselves and sat around playing music until the battle got started. Because of terrain the unit got stuck behind a horde of rat ogres. Their view of the battle block by the ogres the warriors move forward looking anything (non rat this time) to kill. An ear piercing shriek rock the battlefield as a dragon like beast took to the skies. This Terrorgheist creature circle in the air, like some undead vulture trying decide what its going to dine own. It was obvious the creature was eying rat monks pushing a strange contraption. Landing behind them would not only be devastating for the monks but also crippling for the entire Skaven army. If the creature could smile, it did as it flew towards that perfect location. Just behind the rat monks the Terrorgheist notice the elven chaos warriors with their wicked large weapons. The beast made eye contact with their leader, their champion. The emotionless leader shock his head. Whether this somehow put fear into the huge undead creature or the beast decided it wasn't worth it, it is without a doubt the Terrorgheist change direction mid-flight and landed on the monks flank, far away from the warriors.

Now the warriors have a target. Ignoring all else, the chaos warriors march toward the Terrorgheist with sadistic glee. The beast gave another earth shattering shriek that caused the death of many monks. This only increase the speed the warrior move toward their challenge. At their coming the beast took to the skies again and flew to the other side of the battlefield leaving the warriors sorely disappointed. Looking around they assess the situation. The horde of rat ogres were out of position and the rest of the army were now being massacred. The undead movement showed signs of planning to stay away from any further combat.

“What a cowardly way to fight!”

“It works, the undead have complete control of this area. No need for them to risk anything else,” said the champion.

“So we are done here?”

“Apparently so, lets be off to collect our payment.”

“What are we going to do with warpstones anyway?”

“That is for Xizamiron and Lady Vanacyr to decide.”

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