Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Border Prince - Turn 4 Map

The battle of Lizardmen vs Warriors of Chaos was both weird and bloody. Turn 1 saw both sides lose their general. The Slann nearly killed the Daemon Prince with a single casting of Searing Doom, dropping him to his knees. The power of Searing Doom however created such a backlash that it rain destruction on his own men and claimed the Slann's life. The Slann's lieutenant finished the job with a Chain Lightning spell that turned the Daemon Prince to ash. And that was just the beginning. For the next 4 turns Lizardmen found victory on one side of the board while Chaos had it on the other side. And the lieutenant following in his general footsteps, miscast every turn for the rest of the game. By the end Chaos only had a few units left but they proved to be the monsters they truly are and force the Lizardmen to retreat. Victory for Chaos!

1. Bloody Hooves
2. Bloody Sky
3. Amendial
4. Elendir
7. Skaven Banner 1
8. Skaven Banner 2
9. Unholy Undead
10. The Night Riders
11. Pandemonium
12. Vanacyr's Blade

Sadly Turn 4 saw the Lizardmen drop out of the campaign. Our game was fun and I hope to play him again in the next campaign. Meanwhile the campaign has another battle to resolve. Bloody Sky vs Amendial will be going at it. Bloody Sky has support so it will be at 2700. Amendial is a main banner and will get the story bonus putting it at 3100.

Note: The meeting for turn 6 is this week. I am really behind and I hope to catch up next week.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Solaris League Lore: Interview with Chaos

Interview with Chaos

The owner of the Chaos Flare organization was sitting in his office reviewing the latest news in the League. The first week of action was rough for his organization. Three fights, three defeats. He had a lot on his plate. He had to make sure he was up to date on the latest rules and regulations of the League, he need to do research on the newest organizations joining the League & their pilots and he had to oversee the repairs and refits of his damage mechs, which was all of them. He was so busy that he he did not get around to preparing for an interview he had to give that day. The only thing he knew about the applicant was that they wanted to be a pilot for Chaos Flare. A buzzing sound grab his attention. With a press of a button the buzzing stop.

"Your appointment is here," said a female voice from a speaker on his desk.

"Send them in," he replied. Several quick button pressing turned off the various screens he was looking at. He wanted his full attention on this interview. Moments later a young man enter his office.

"Hello Mr. Chaos," the man said, obviously quite nervous. Mr. Chaos stood up slightly to shake the young man's hand. The young man then handed Chaos a data pad.

"Have a seat and tell me why you are here," Chaos said.

"Sir, I have been a fan of Chaos Flare back when you were a mercenary company. As a boy I followed news of your adventures like the other kids followed comic books. You guys are what made me want to be a mech pilot. So when I saw the trouble you had last week I thought this may be a chance to live the dream and be one of you," the young man said. Chaos could tell the man had to work to slow down and not sound like a crazy fan. Still need work but Chaos appreciated the effort.

"Have you ever actually pilot a mech before?" Mr. Chaos asked. The man looked down at his feet.

"No sir."

"How many hours of simulator experience do you have?" The man was quiet for a long moment before speaking.

"2-2-25 ...." the young man stuttered. Mr. Chaos shook his head. Normally he would just dismissed the guy but something about him gave Chaos paused.

"How old are you son?"

"19." Younger than what Chaos would have like to be in this dangerous game. Of course many of his associates were younger than that when they got their start. But that was war and this is a silly game Chaos thought to himself. Against his better judgment Chaos turned on the kid's data pad and review what the young man wanted him to see. Scanning the information quickly Chaos read about lots and lots of mech simulator results. They were not bad for a beginner he thought, but nothing worth being hired over ... He looked over more results and the scores kept getting better and better.

"How many simulator hours did you said you had," Mr. Chaos asked, looking pass more scores.

"2..2-2...25...," the man stuttered again. This time Chaos notice it was not a finish statement and the kid was so nervous that he was having troubles completing his answer. Mr. Chaos has immense experiences with simulator reports and did some quick estimates on the time require to do the simulators he already read about.

"2500?" Mr. Chaos asked. The man sheepish nodded, embarrassed that he couldn't say it himself. Chaos did not hold it against him. In his time he knew great pilots with strange quirks. A knock on the door surprised both men. "Come in," Chaos called, figuring it must be something fairly important. In walked a female clan warrior. She wore a sleeveless vest which showed off her huge biceps which made the men in the room seemed like children. Her fiery red hair was tied back in a long ponytail. She was carrying a data pad with the League's logo on the front. The young man was acting like he was suffering a heartache.

"You're ... you're ..." was all the words he could get out. She gave him the briefest of glances before focusing on Chaos.

"Why hello," Mr. Chaos said. "Did you enjoy your vocation Sherikka?"

"No." she said quickly. "Here is the paperwork so I can legally fight for you in the League." Sherikka handed Chaos the data pad.

"Excellent. I'm glad to have you back!" Mr. Chaos said. He toss the young man's data pad back to him without looking. As Chaos worked on the League's data pad, the young man was tumbling his own pad between his fingers. The scene did not escape Sherikka's notice.

"I'm sorry I interrupted your meeting ..." she started.

"That's okay. We were done anyway," Mr. Chaos said without looking up. Sherikka could tell the words affect the young man in a physical way. He slowly stood up and headed to the door. Still without looking up or pausing Chaos said,"Don't leave yet boy." Hope returned to the young man's face so he waited standing by the door. After another few minutes Mr. Chaos finished his work and handed it back to Sherikka. "There you go. Take that to Eric and he will make sure its process. While you at it ..." Chaos said before pausing.

"Boy, I don't think I've heard your name," Chaos said to the young man.

"It's Kyle sir, Kyle Webb," the young man replied.

"Right. Take Mr. Webb down to the yard and ride shotgun with him in the Hitman. If he impresses you, you have my authority to hire him on the team," Chaos said.

An emotionless "Okay," was her only reaction. The young man's reaction was a little more animated.

"Really Sir! Oh Thank you! I won't let you down!" Kyle exclaimed to Chaos.

"Don't thank me yet. Sherikka is really hard to impress so you better pull out your best effort. Now both of you get out of here! I got work to do!"

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Border Prince Lore: Warriors of Chaos 2


Vanacyr was perusing maps spread out on a table trying to figure out where Xizamiron was taking her army. He made no mention to her about where they were going nor what they would do once they got there. He just pointed at a direction and told her people to start marching. Judging by the local features Vanacyr guess they were nearing the Border Prince region.

It was mid day and the army had stop to rest. It had grown much larger recently and many of the new recruits require rest from time to time. The cabal had arrange for additional supplies to be picked up on the way. The army ran across a number of small warbands which join the army. Vanacyr had a feeling the cabal was behind this as well. On the mountain where she meet up with Xizamiron lived numerous monsters. Through his presence alone, Xizamiron had subjugated nearly every monster in that area and force them into service.

Looking up from her maps, Vanacyr's eyes meet a man standing nearby, a person she has never seen before. Wearing a brown robe, he had short red hair and a full beard. The man stared up at her with an inquisitive look. He was of average height for a male human. Vanacyr was slightly shorter than your average Chaos sorcerer, which meant she towered over this man, and the other elves in the army. Normally she would react to the sudden appearance of a man with violence. Or demand he identify himself, and then violence. However she has grown accustomed and extremely annoyed at people suddenly appearing. So instead she just stared at the man until he spoke.

“Are you going to say anything?” he said in a voice that was deep and unearthly.

“Is there anything you want me to say … My Lord?” Vanacyr answered, almost spitting the last part. After meeting with Xizamiron on the mountain Vanacyr and her people quickly learned that he had the ability to change his appearance seemly at will. He also seem to enjoy the havoc caused by mysterious persons appearing around the army.

“Not really,” Xizamiron said seemly disappointed.

“Could you please change into your true form? Constantly changing your appearance is harmful to army morale,” Vanacyr asked him.

“What makes you think you are worthy of witnessing my true form?”

“We saw it on the mountain?”

“Oh you mean that. That's fine then. … What did I look like?” Vanacyr was aghast. From her perspective Xizamiron seemed to be doing everything he could to irritate her. Yet she could help but think his question had an honesty quality about it.

“You looked like a mighty Demon Prince,” she said hesitatingly. She couldn't believe she had to explain what he looked like to him.

“That's it? I suppose I can limited my appears to those forms,” he said. Vanacyr had the mental image of everyday witness a different Demon Prince. 'It would be an improvement over what's he doing now' she thought to herself.

“My liege?” The voice of a nearby barbarian grabbed both Vanacyr and Xizamiron's attention. He was standing in front of a small group of his peers.

“What do you want?” Xizamiron asked, obviously annoyed.

“You summoned us,” barbarian sheepishly said.

“I did?”

“Yes, you asked for my fastest scout,” Vanacyr said.

“I see. Do you have a map of the Border Prince region on that table?” Xizamiron asked her. She quickly retrieve one and handed it to him. One by one, Xizamiron told each of the barbarians where he wanted them to travel to on the map. “Ride hard, but keep your eyes open. Meet up with me here,” he concluded by pointing to an area on the southern part of the map. Vanacyr notice that spot was a few miles from where they currently were.

“Why there?” she asked.

“Because that's where we will set up our capital,” Xizamiron answered. “We will need a base of operations to begin our conquest of the land,” he added. All those who were in ear shot of the comment quickly turn their head in disbelief. The thought of them going to a sustain war was a complete shock. Noticing everyone around him seem to be in a daze he asked Vanacyr, "Is there a problem with that?"

Soon, as the crowd began to process the words and their meaning, the shock was replace with sadistic glee. "No. No problem at all," Vanacyr answered with a smile.


A little more than a week later the scouts return to the site of Xizamiron's new capital. After hearing their report he hand pick the soldiers that would be marching with him. There seem to be little rhyme or reason for his choices and those picked had little time to ponder for they had to be ready to march in mere hours. The scout's report did concern Vanacyr a little. The report mentions 5 enemies in the region; Skaven, Undead, Beastmen Lizardmen and High Elves, with the Lizardmen relatively nearby. The Undead & Beastmen as well as the Lizardmen & High Elves seemed to have had formed a pact with each other. That tips things against them and Vanacyr didn't like that. As much as she hated it, Vanacyr needed to seek out Xizamiron before he left and asked for his approval to ally with the Skaven. It was not hard for her to find him. His current form was that of a metallic Demon Prince. His wings more closely resemble blades than anything for flight.

"My Lord, may I have a word with you," Vanacyr said to him. Stopping his movement Xizamiron slowly turned toward her.


"I suggest we make a pact of convenience with the Skaven. Since the others have already done so, it would put us and the Skaven in a disadvantage if we do not do the same," she said. Vanacyr could tell there was anger in his eyes. She still held her ground, believing in the merit of her proposal.

"Do as you like," was all he said as he turned away from her.

"Thank you my lord. I will send a courier immediately," she said.

"NO!" Xizamiron shouted. His booming voice echoing through out the camp. Vanacyr jumped at the sudden outburst. With his back to her Xizamiron continue albeit with a much softer voice, "You want an alliance? You go to the Skaven yourself." Without looking back Xizamiron stomped off leaving Vanacyr simmering with anger. In her mind Vanacyr heard additional words. Words that were insulting and demeaning towards her. Most of the surrounding soldiers didn't 'hear' these words, but some did. Some just shrug and moved on with their duty. Others, those who have been apart of Vanacyr's army for years, were almost as upset as she was. Despite knowing how powerful Xizamiron was and knowing that starting a civil war while surrounded by enemies was suicide, if Vanacyr gave the order to attack Xizamiron they would do so in an instant. So they waited on the decision of their queen.

For a full ten minutes Vanacyr did not move from that spot. Her fist were clenched so tightly that blood was beginning to seeped between her knuckles. But she did not say a word. A 'cat' slowly walked up to Vanacyr and purred softly. Nudging her leg, Vanacyr's attention turned to the 'cat'. Vanacyr scratch the kitty behind her ears. This 'cat' resemble a massive lion, tiger and a jaguar roll into one. With supernatural grace and speed Vanacyr mounted the creature's back. The creature rose, extending her colorful wings, for the creature was a close cousin of manticores. The creature was one of the monsters subjugated on the mountain but during the journey had taken a liking to Vanacyr.

"Kehanoil, you are in charge while I am gone. Make sure you have a force ready to march when I return," Vanacyr said to one of her most loyal followers.

"Yes my lady," he replied. With that the mighty creature took to the air. Vanacyr guided the creature northeast. Her anger now gone Vanacyr focused on her mission. She now needed to decide what she going to say to the Skaven.

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Border Prince Lore: Vampire Counts

By Alexander Bade

The Dark Pilgrim:

An excerpt on the life of Dieter Geheimnisnacht

Dieter Geheimnisnacht is a powerful Master Necromancer of virtually unknown origin or history until this past century. It is known that he battled alongside Heinrich Kemmler and Mannfred von Carstein in the Border Princes region in the year 2522 and even before that he was seen beside Kemmler as he besieged Bretonnia from the Grey Mountains. Geheimnisnacht’s earliest accounts are known from the discovery of a series of journals found at his lair at Kleiberstorf where Geheimnisnacht escaped but in such a rush he was forced to leave behind this trove of information he set down from when he first began studying the black art of Necromancy.

Geheimnisnacht was not always known by this name. His birthplace is unknown but believed to be somewhere in Averland although this is purely conjecture since no real evidence supports this except for the style of hand writing in his early journals is reminencent of a merchant upbringing in the Averland region and the fact that when Geheimnisnacht went into hiding in was in the Averland.

Geheimnisnacht was born as Dieter Fredrickson to a river merchant frequenting the Aver River. Nothing is known of his childhood or early adult life but based upon some of his first entries in his first journal we can assume he was very disillusioned of his lifestyle of constantly moving up and down the river Aver. Geheimnisnacht often expressed in hateful tones that he could not abide by his family’s living arrangements, a floating barge which housed Geheimnisnacht, his parents, and three other siblings (two brothers and a sister). Geheimnisnacht expressed affection for his family but was often at strife with his father who attempted to train Geheimnisnacht as a merchant to take over the business. Geheimnisnacht ran away around the age of seventeen and quickly fell out of known existence for several decades when presumably he sank into the clutches of some Necromancer or another where he was introduced into that black lifestyle.

Accounts show that when Geheimnisnacht was fighting in Bretonnia he was little more than a pawn to Kemmler, a low level Necromancer, but he showed an enormous talent for raising the ancient dead from the grave and so Kemmler kept Geheimnisnacht on as a supplementary aid and took great pains to teach Geheimnisnacht of the tradecraft so that by the time Kemmler was forced to retreat at the battle of Maisontaal abbey Geheimnisnacht had become one of Kemmler’s chief lieutenants, though still somewhat of a lesser caster by most standards.

For the next thirty-one years Geheimnisnacht falls from the face of records except for small skirmishes mostly involving Witch Hunter cadres and Geheimnisnacht’s forces, all of which ended in the escape of Geheimnisnacht and usually the death of the Witch Hunter in question. It seems that Geheimnisnacht is back now, in the Border Princes region where perhaps he is looking to carve his own empire and begin his own small army to join forces with Kemmler or Von Carstein yet again to wage war upon the Empire or Bretonnia once more.

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Border Prince Lore: Lizardmen

Lizardmen Backstory
By Tristen Fellowz

Delicate hands held a small trinket close. The finely crafted object resting, mere inches, from the rhythmic rise and fall of an ample bosom. Exquisite, almond shaped eyes danced innerly with the radiant glow emanating below. It was a ring. Studded with three stones of rare worth. The room was dark and still. Light, like emerald fire, shone from three pear shaped gems. She beheld the jewerly with baited breath, as one who receives their deepest desire with but a moments notice.

Soft features, atop an elegant framework of finely sculpted bone, gifted her with a visage fit for a nymph. Her every curve was enticing. Long burnette strands, silky and smooth, danced whimsically around her mantle. Had they rested about her as to be expected, the mane would have reached down to the crest of her derriere. Instead her hair extended her personal space in all directions. The effect was to create a mesmerizing aura about her. An effect that could be stared upon and not grow dull.

Bone hewn heels, leather stitched to high backed boots, tied curvaceously around lengthy calves, fidgeted softly in the dimly lit ambience. Her delicate diaphram flexed slightly in pace with her rapid breathing under the tightness of her corset. She was teasing herself. Eagerly awaiting the moment that she would slip the ring on her slender finger. She did so not entirely without reason. As was obvious with the eerie glow bathing the room, the ring was more than a precious sculpt of metal and gem stones.

Gazing down, eyes set amidst her ever shifting curls and strands, thin slit pupils caught the light reflected from the precious stones. Each pupil formed a pin point of light, like a candle from a great distance. Completing the incantation inside her head, the mystical auras of the ring seeped slowly into her vision.

Each gemstone had the image of a rune a short distance above it. Runes shaped from fire. The runes wrapped around the ring like a cresent moon. Drawing her breath quickly and holding it in, she slipped the ring on her finger.

The effect was immediate. Her blood began to course wildly through her veins. Heart pounding within her chest as though it might burst. Lean muscles flexed with exquisite tension and her chest heaved greatly. Raw energy washed over her in a blissful current. The feeling slowly began to subside and she opened eyes she had closed on impulse. The world looked anew and she had a glow about her. Peace.

She cherished the rush of magic, attuning itself to a new master. It was intoxicating. A prized sensation that many never felt. She let out a deep breath and closed her eyes again.


While the heart fluttered of the enchanted female something stirred, far away, restless. Deep in the dank jungle depths of myth and swarming viper bulging eyes, yellowed with the passing of strange eons, flickered. A short raspy voice whispered breathlessly in a language lost to most of the world.

Quickly, shadowed diminutive figures raced about, springing into life with their master's awakening. Three of the creatures met together finally in the center of the cyclopean chamber. A rune borne in each clawed hand. The runes came together and the humanoids pieced together the meaning of their master's words. "Thieves gather with golden treasure, of fate and fortune import. We march."

Friday, September 5, 2014

Border Prince Lore: High Elves

Amendial, The Butcher of Avelorn
By Jonathon Schweer

Amendial is a very fearsome and formidable Elven general. He is the half-brother of the Everqueen, Alarielle the Radiant. He was born years after his older half-sister, who was birthed to satisfy the Elven demands that the Everqueen marry the Phoenix King and conceive a daughter who will one day rule. Amendial was raised at the Elven fortress city of Elyran Tarn. As a young child Amendial showed exceptional promise in the martial arts and with the bow. He often hunted and trained with the fearsome Sisters of Avelorn, and is rarely ever seen in battle without the sisters at his side. Follow the death of his mother and the ascension of his sister, Amendial found himself being promoted up the ranks of the Elven army until he was soon the youngest general in Elven history, less than a century old at the time of his being named a general.

All was not great in the Elven lands however. Soon a nomadic army of Orcs and Goblins invaded the Elven homelands, and made fall in the lands of Avelorn. The Orcs every vicious and unmerciful, destroying the Elven cavalry with their dastardly Doom Diver catapults, and breaking unit after unit with their barbaric Black Orc and Savage Orc war hosts. Amendial was the only general to find success against this Orc horde. It was not long until he discovered that a Goblin with a large spider pet and a Black Orc War Boss on a Wyvern were behind this invasion after escaped from a land called the Badlands. Sensing that something more sinister had to be driving this Orc and Goblin band forward, Amendial eventually captured a Savage Orc Shaman Lieutenant for the self-proclaimed Goblin Demigod, Morlan. Amendial was able to torture vital information out of this weak lieutenant and discover a weakness in the Orc and Goblin War band.

Amendial was the one responsible for luring these two large war bands into the Burned Glades, where he was successful in launching a counter assault on the Orcs. His hordes of Swordsmen from the tower of Hoeth sliced the Black Orc marauders and Savage Orc Barbarians with swift efficiency, while his personal retinue of Sisters of Avelorn and the personal retinue of Alarielle rained volleys of magical arrows on the Goblin catapults of Doom. With the way clear the Dragon Princes of Caledor and Silver Helms of Avelorn were free to charge in and clean up the unbreakable Goblin hordes that lined the battle field.

The final blow to the horde was dealt by Amendial himself, as he swooped in on his Flame Sphere Phoenix named Sage. Amendial first met the Black Orc General, Drauken, in a battle of strength, which he easily won by nullifying the effects of the Armour of Gork. Following this great victory Amendial trapped the Goblin demi-god and defeated him in a challenge as warriors from both sides looked on. Following the victorious challenge, Amendial ordered every Orc and Goblin on Ulthuan to be killed with no mercy, and to be sure it was successful Amendial rode at the front of every war band as it rushed into battle. Within days the Avelorn was free from invaders.

Following the great victory of the Burned Glades, Amendial was informed of a new territory that was ripe for the picking. His sister Alarielle, revealed that the Orcs were tricked into coming to Ulthuan to keep the Elves busy at home while they battled over a new territory in the Border Princes region. The Elves have long desired to expand their empire, and capturing the Border Princes region would greatly assist in this mission. Late at night, Amendial climbed aboard a great Elven warship along with his elite force of Sisters, expert Swordsmen from Hoeth, an elite squadron of Dragon Princes and the Silver Helms of Avelorn, and his faithful Flame Sphere Phoenix Sage. The warship set sail for this new and mysterious territory, but while the land is uncertain, one thing is definite, Amendial will capture the Border Princes region, the only question is how many bodies will he have to climb over to do so?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Border Prince Lore: Beastmen

Jeff Morck

As the Beastlord Krookentou, the Cutthroat Spike, ascended a hill overlooking the area called the Border Princes, he could feel it in his blood that this was his time. Krookentou knew this was the place where he would start the return of the Children of Chaos to rightful place as masters of the land, and all the lesser races would hide in fear.

Since the night he fought his way out of the womb of the female that had borne him, he knew he was meant for greatness. Krookentou knows he has been blessed by the Dark Gods, because his first memory of that night was looking up and seeing Morrslieb when Morrslieb was most full and at his zenith. Krookentou recalled the stories he had heard as Young Beastagor from the older ones around the fire. Krookentou would gnaw on a piece of flesh he had taken from a Gor or a weaker Beastagor and listen to the stories about the old times where the Beast ruled world and other were just prey. His Blood would boil during the story of the Battle of Golden Hammer, where man rose to an undeserved level and stole the Children of Chaos power. Krookentou knows, he must learn from the past so the cloven-ones to rule the future

Krookentou had been there when Khazrak the One-Eye, had defeated Graktar in a challenge to become the Chieftain of the Warherd. Krookentou thought it was a sign of weakness when Khazrak had banished Graktar instead of killing him. Now that Graktar has returned and started to gather his own warherd, and caused the Breatsmen to become divided. Krookentou learned that the only good enemy is a dead enemy.

Khazrak the One Eye also taught Krookentou that a Beastlord must control a Warherd by sheer will and power. Krookentou knows that the Warherd would never as organized as a human army. Krookentou still demands discipline and total obedience. The Gor or Ungor that springs an ambush or a Wargor, who fails to lead his troop victory, may find themselves on the herds menu.

Now as his Warherd moves through the Black Pass into the Lands of the Border Princes, Krookentou knows he has learned his lessons, and he is ready. More importantly than Krookentou being ready he knows his Warherd is ready. As the warherd of Beastigors, Gors, and Ungors moved into the Border Princes, Krookentou could hear the roars and feel the rumbling of the ground as his monsters made their way to the Border Princes area. Krookentou felt Breatman’s pride in his Warherd, a Warherd where even the Ungors were impressive. This was the Warherd that put Children of Chaos back in charge of this world. As Krookentou walked back down the hill and to his rightful place at the front of this Warherd, he was told by waves of returning Harpies scouts that other groups were moving into the Border Princes. The Harpies report that groups of Elves, Lizards, Undead, and Rats. It did not matter to Krookentou, he knew that his Warherd would consume all the order and shat out chaos.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Border Prince Lore: Skaven

Razeek Twotail
Skaven Grey Seer
By Phil Sidebottom

When Razeek was young one of his spells miscasted sending him into unconsciousness, during which he was visited by the Great Horned Rat, may his schemes never fail. The Great Horned Rat, Great be thy name, told Razeek that he will find a great treasure that will lead the Skaven to greatness. When he awoke from his vision, he did what any self respecting skaven would do, he kept the vision to himself and study the details in secret. After several long years of pouring over books and scrolls, Razeek had discovered the area where he must do further research, but the place was infested with non Skaven nuisances. So the first step is to get a clan to clear the infestation out but without divulging his true goal . . . an easy task.

Razeek found Clan Wolf Talon as the perfect clan to use for this task. The clan was in disarray as the right to rule the clan was being claimed by three Warlords. He entered the grand hall of the Wolf Talon during one of their great “debates”(aka Insult war) and declared “ The Great Horned One has spoken to me and only one of the skaven in this room will be able to lead this Clan to greatness.” With this knowledge the three Warlords began to scheme and plan with their closest advisers. It did not take to much time for Razeek to gain the trust of each warlord in private, while a skaven's tongue can be sharpe and made of the smoothest sliver, no skaven can compare to a Grey Seer's sneaky tongue. For many months, the war of sly and cunning that only skaven can fight waged with very little progress except for Razeek, for he had successfully turned all of their advisers to his side, and on the last day of the month, Razeek had invited the three Warlords to the grand hall of the Wolf Talon. Along with them, came their advisers, whom up to this point was on the edge of deciding between their warlord of Razeek. Razeek addressed each warlord in turn and congratulated them and their advisers on their skill of cunning for the last few months then with a quick flash of his tongue he cut the ties between the warlords and their advisers showing that all the work was done by the advisers and not the warlords. The advisers all made their decision and furnished their blades and stabbed and cut the warlords in front of them, all of which were still oblivious of the treason that was to befell them. As the final grasp of air the last warlord exclaimed “You said on of us would be Clan Leader, you lied!” “I did say one of us would Clan Leader, that one was me.” Razeek replied with a skitter that would make the Great Horned Rat jealous, though no one could ever come close to his laughter nor try but this Skitter was a good one in The Great Horned One's eye.

With the Wolf Talon clan under his control without even dirtying his own hands, as to be expected from the victor of a skaven secret war, the first task was done. Now all that is left is to exterminate the vermin leaving on the land he needs to search.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Border Prince Lore: Warriors of Chaos


The Arkyrian Cabal is a secret society of wizards. They want to control the world from the shadows. While most members are in positions where they have to pretend they serve another, Vanacyr is rare in that she is in command of her own, albeit very small, army. Even rare is that some of her followers knows about the Arkyrian existence. The core of her Chaos army is made up mostly of elves, with dark elves being the most common. While much shorter and leaner, these elves are just as tough and skilled as their Chaos cousins. Vanacyr has used her army as the arm of the Arkyrian Cabal many times.

On this particular day her motives are more personal. As evening breaks into dusk, Vanacyr orders her forces to set up camp. Through the power of Chaos most of Vanacyr followers do not need sleep or food. They do consume food and wine quite often and sometime sleep because they enjoy it. This night, much like many others, they choose to eat and drink all night long. At least they plan to. However at midnight the partying quieted down. Each warrior suddenly felt extremely weary and had a great desire to sleep. Even Vanacyr felt the exhaustion and did not think anything was strange about it. That is until she sat down and started resting her eyes. An act she does so rarely that it alerted her mind. “Why am I doing this?” she asked herself. Not able to provide an answer told her something was very wrong. Vanacyr snapped awake with a blade in hand. Scanning her surroundings reveal to her that every follower dedicate to her was fast asleep. Vanacyr knew now she was dealing with dark sorcery, someone who skills surpass her centuries of knowledge.

Vanacyr felt a presence from beyond a copse nearby. Tighten her grip on her sword, she walked towards the presence. She might be outmatch in the arcane in general, but Vanacyr was confident in her abilities when combat is concern. After crossing the copse, Vanacyr felt an immense arcane presence. She immediately kneel, not because she was intimidate of the arcane energies, but because she recognize who the presence was. Vanacyr address the presence with a single word, “Master.” A few nearby twigs and leaves erupted with a purple flame. A deep and bellowing voice echo from those flames.

“Lady Vanacyr. You have serve me and the Cabal well. Both needs your services again.”

“Of course Master, anything you order I will see it done!” Vanacyr answered. Her gaze fix on the ground. If there was any detail in her surroundings, she would not have notice it.

“You are to travel west into the mountains. There you will feel a strange but strong arcane presence. Follow that presence until you get to the source. You are to give command of your army to this individual. He will lead you to the next phase.”

“But ...” Vanacyr started to say. She almost rose her head but then she just sigh in disappointment. “Yes master. If I may, how long do I have take orders from this individual and who is this person?”

“I will inform you when you may take back your command. As for the identity of this person …

He is the Essence of Pandemonium …