Monday, April 4, 2016

New Podcast and Project Progress Video

We had meant to do a new podcast before TwisterCon but that didn't happen. Tracy was too busy trying to have his force completed before the convention to do the podcast. Besides some finishing touches like inking and sealants, Tracy was able to go to TwisterCon with his entire force beautifully painted, minus models that didn't come up until the day of the convention. A week later and we did a new podcast about our adventures at TwisterCon. I was going to do a post about TwisterCon but I didn't take enough pictures and videos. We talk about the highlights of the convention in episode 22 of War Journal. As always, you can listen to the podcast at

My own progress with Team Yankee is much slower than Tracy's. I have documented what I've gotten done so far in my second progress video. You can watch that video here. In April I won't be able to pick up anything new so I will focus on finishing what I've already have (that is not screwed up). I'm giving myself the goal to have 4 Abrams, 1 Cobra, 2 M113s and the FIST all done by the end of the month. For the M113s I'm just talking about the main bodies because the mounts require additional purchases. For that matter, I need to pick up magnets before the tanks can be finish as well. I'll consider the Abrams done if adding magnets is the only thing left to do with them. My goal also includes some Bretonnians. My Warhammer goal is to have 10 archers, 5 knights and a lady finish by the end of the month as well. I'll do another progress video in the middle of the month to see how close I get to accomplishing my goals. Stay tune as the forces of Team Wraith and Thylalon comes to life!