Friday, September 5, 2014

Border Prince Lore: High Elves

Amendial, The Butcher of Avelorn
By Jonathon Schweer

Amendial is a very fearsome and formidable Elven general. He is the half-brother of the Everqueen, Alarielle the Radiant. He was born years after his older half-sister, who was birthed to satisfy the Elven demands that the Everqueen marry the Phoenix King and conceive a daughter who will one day rule. Amendial was raised at the Elven fortress city of Elyran Tarn. As a young child Amendial showed exceptional promise in the martial arts and with the bow. He often hunted and trained with the fearsome Sisters of Avelorn, and is rarely ever seen in battle without the sisters at his side. Follow the death of his mother and the ascension of his sister, Amendial found himself being promoted up the ranks of the Elven army until he was soon the youngest general in Elven history, less than a century old at the time of his being named a general.

All was not great in the Elven lands however. Soon a nomadic army of Orcs and Goblins invaded the Elven homelands, and made fall in the lands of Avelorn. The Orcs every vicious and unmerciful, destroying the Elven cavalry with their dastardly Doom Diver catapults, and breaking unit after unit with their barbaric Black Orc and Savage Orc war hosts. Amendial was the only general to find success against this Orc horde. It was not long until he discovered that a Goblin with a large spider pet and a Black Orc War Boss on a Wyvern were behind this invasion after escaped from a land called the Badlands. Sensing that something more sinister had to be driving this Orc and Goblin band forward, Amendial eventually captured a Savage Orc Shaman Lieutenant for the self-proclaimed Goblin Demigod, Morlan. Amendial was able to torture vital information out of this weak lieutenant and discover a weakness in the Orc and Goblin War band.

Amendial was the one responsible for luring these two large war bands into the Burned Glades, where he was successful in launching a counter assault on the Orcs. His hordes of Swordsmen from the tower of Hoeth sliced the Black Orc marauders and Savage Orc Barbarians with swift efficiency, while his personal retinue of Sisters of Avelorn and the personal retinue of Alarielle rained volleys of magical arrows on the Goblin catapults of Doom. With the way clear the Dragon Princes of Caledor and Silver Helms of Avelorn were free to charge in and clean up the unbreakable Goblin hordes that lined the battle field.

The final blow to the horde was dealt by Amendial himself, as he swooped in on his Flame Sphere Phoenix named Sage. Amendial first met the Black Orc General, Drauken, in a battle of strength, which he easily won by nullifying the effects of the Armour of Gork. Following this great victory Amendial trapped the Goblin demi-god and defeated him in a challenge as warriors from both sides looked on. Following the victorious challenge, Amendial ordered every Orc and Goblin on Ulthuan to be killed with no mercy, and to be sure it was successful Amendial rode at the front of every war band as it rushed into battle. Within days the Avelorn was free from invaders.

Following the great victory of the Burned Glades, Amendial was informed of a new territory that was ripe for the picking. His sister Alarielle, revealed that the Orcs were tricked into coming to Ulthuan to keep the Elves busy at home while they battled over a new territory in the Border Princes region. The Elves have long desired to expand their empire, and capturing the Border Princes region would greatly assist in this mission. Late at night, Amendial climbed aboard a great Elven warship along with his elite force of Sisters, expert Swordsmen from Hoeth, an elite squadron of Dragon Princes and the Silver Helms of Avelorn, and his faithful Flame Sphere Phoenix Sage. The warship set sail for this new and mysterious territory, but while the land is uncertain, one thing is definite, Amendial will capture the Border Princes region, the only question is how many bodies will he have to climb over to do so?

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