Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Border Prince - Turn 14 Map

The two undefeated forces face off last turn and the Vampire Counts walked away with a crushing victory and remains unbeaten. Dieter's forces continued winning against Beastmen and Warriors of Chaos as well. When the dust settled, Dieter decide it was time to go on the offense! After all movement the Turn 14 Map looked like this:

B1. Bloody Hooves
B2. Bloody Sky
B3. Herd of Rusty Fang
B4. Graby Taz
B5. Banner 5
H1. Amendial
H2. Elendir
H3. Elendrial
H4. Aeylan
H5. Tarwen
H6. Zarial
H7. Samari
H8. Fariel
H9. Basui
H10. Banner 10
V1. Unholy Undead
V2. The Night Riders
V3. Ethereal Enemy
V4. Ghastly Fingers
V5. Creeping Death
V6. Death Dealers
V7. Death's Head
V8. Vampire Toothpick
V9. Necro-Mongers
V10. Blood Drinkers
W1. Pandemonium
W2. Vanacyr's Blade
W3. Sun of Corruption
W4. Nature's Curse
W5. Chaos Black
W6. Blood Rage
W8. Darker than Chaos

Things are quite interesting this time around as we have 7 battles. Besides one between Warriors of Chaos and High Elves, they all involved Vampire Counts.

Darker than Chaos (2800) vs Aeylan (2800)
Unholy Undead (3300) vs Vanacyr's Blade (2800)
Ghastly Fingers (2600) vs Blood Rage (2800)
Bloody Hooves (3200) vs Necro-Mongers (2800)
Herd of Rusty Fang (2500) vs Vampire Toothpick (2600)
Elendir (2600) vs Blood Drinkers (2600)
Samari (2800) vs Creeping Death (2800)