Saturday, September 13, 2014

Solaris League Lore: Interview with Chaos

Interview with Chaos

The owner of the Chaos Flare organization was sitting in his office reviewing the latest news in the League. The first week of action was rough for his organization. Three fights, three defeats. He had a lot on his plate. He had to make sure he was up to date on the latest rules and regulations of the League, he need to do research on the newest organizations joining the League & their pilots and he had to oversee the repairs and refits of his damage mechs, which was all of them. He was so busy that he he did not get around to preparing for an interview he had to give that day. The only thing he knew about the applicant was that they wanted to be a pilot for Chaos Flare. A buzzing sound grab his attention. With a press of a button the buzzing stop.

"Your appointment is here," said a female voice from a speaker on his desk.

"Send them in," he replied. Several quick button pressing turned off the various screens he was looking at. He wanted his full attention on this interview. Moments later a young man enter his office.

"Hello Mr. Chaos," the man said, obviously quite nervous. Mr. Chaos stood up slightly to shake the young man's hand. The young man then handed Chaos a data pad.

"Have a seat and tell me why you are here," Chaos said.

"Sir, I have been a fan of Chaos Flare back when you were a mercenary company. As a boy I followed news of your adventures like the other kids followed comic books. You guys are what made me want to be a mech pilot. So when I saw the trouble you had last week I thought this may be a chance to live the dream and be one of you," the young man said. Chaos could tell the man had to work to slow down and not sound like a crazy fan. Still need work but Chaos appreciated the effort.

"Have you ever actually pilot a mech before?" Mr. Chaos asked. The man looked down at his feet.

"No sir."

"How many hours of simulator experience do you have?" The man was quiet for a long moment before speaking.

"2-2-25 ...." the young man stuttered. Mr. Chaos shook his head. Normally he would just dismissed the guy but something about him gave Chaos paused.

"How old are you son?"

"19." Younger than what Chaos would have like to be in this dangerous game. Of course many of his associates were younger than that when they got their start. But that was war and this is a silly game Chaos thought to himself. Against his better judgment Chaos turned on the kid's data pad and review what the young man wanted him to see. Scanning the information quickly Chaos read about lots and lots of mech simulator results. They were not bad for a beginner he thought, but nothing worth being hired over ... He looked over more results and the scores kept getting better and better.

"How many simulator hours did you said you had," Mr. Chaos asked, looking pass more scores.

"2..2-2...25...," the man stuttered again. This time Chaos notice it was not a finish statement and the kid was so nervous that he was having troubles completing his answer. Mr. Chaos has immense experiences with simulator reports and did some quick estimates on the time require to do the simulators he already read about.

"2500?" Mr. Chaos asked. The man sheepish nodded, embarrassed that he couldn't say it himself. Chaos did not hold it against him. In his time he knew great pilots with strange quirks. A knock on the door surprised both men. "Come in," Chaos called, figuring it must be something fairly important. In walked a female clan warrior. She wore a sleeveless vest which showed off her huge biceps which made the men in the room seemed like children. Her fiery red hair was tied back in a long ponytail. She was carrying a data pad with the League's logo on the front. The young man was acting like he was suffering a heartache.

"You're ... you're ..." was all the words he could get out. She gave him the briefest of glances before focusing on Chaos.

"Why hello," Mr. Chaos said. "Did you enjoy your vocation Sherikka?"

"No." she said quickly. "Here is the paperwork so I can legally fight for you in the League." Sherikka handed Chaos the data pad.

"Excellent. I'm glad to have you back!" Mr. Chaos said. He toss the young man's data pad back to him without looking. As Chaos worked on the League's data pad, the young man was tumbling his own pad between his fingers. The scene did not escape Sherikka's notice.

"I'm sorry I interrupted your meeting ..." she started.

"That's okay. We were done anyway," Mr. Chaos said without looking up. Sherikka could tell the words affect the young man in a physical way. He slowly stood up and headed to the door. Still without looking up or pausing Chaos said,"Don't leave yet boy." Hope returned to the young man's face so he waited standing by the door. After another few minutes Mr. Chaos finished his work and handed it back to Sherikka. "There you go. Take that to Eric and he will make sure its process. While you at it ..." Chaos said before pausing.

"Boy, I don't think I've heard your name," Chaos said to the young man.

"It's Kyle sir, Kyle Webb," the young man replied.

"Right. Take Mr. Webb down to the yard and ride shotgun with him in the Hitman. If he impresses you, you have my authority to hire him on the team," Chaos said.

An emotionless "Okay," was her only reaction. The young man's reaction was a little more animated.

"Really Sir! Oh Thank you! I won't let you down!" Kyle exclaimed to Chaos.

"Don't thank me yet. Sherikka is really hard to impress so you better pull out your best effort. Now both of you get out of here! I got work to do!"

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