Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Slight Delay

By this point I had hope to have my new year purchases done with my Battlefront stuff on the way. That hasn't happen for a few reasons. A note about my buying habits, I only buy directly from the miniature company themselves or at a gaming store. I had plan to pick up my non Battlefront stuff at my local gaming store but they didn't have what I wanted to start my Age of Sigmar army. I would have been happy with either the Pestilen starter box or the plague monks box but my store had neither in stock. They did have a plague claw but that doesn't make sense to me to get that now. I don't know if I will really like it to have 2 as the Pestilen starter box is such a good deal that I will eventually pick it up. The only other Skaven things my store had was clan rats and the verminlord box, neither were things I want to start my army with. I will have a Corruptor as my army general but I want time to paint other parts of my army before I tackle him. Plus I want some time to think up conversion ideas for him. As for clan rats, I want them mainly for conversion purposes and to scavenge their base for plague monks. Its not quite a new years resolution, but I wanted to try to quickly assemble and paint all new models purchase this year. I now know that plan has some issue but I don't want to break it with my very first purchase. Now my local gaming store had plenty of Chaos stuff to choose from. Still, part of the reason I went with the Poison Army was so I would have an army that was a little different from my current army so I really didn't want to start with more of the same. Now I could have pick up the stuff for other games at my gaming store but if I got everything all at once I would get a better discount. I had to think about what to do. I could have the store order plague monks but I personally have had bad experience with ordering from them. Then again I don't think they ever had a problem getting Games Workshop stuff, just other companies like Battlefront. So in the end I order the plague monks and I'm waiting for them to arrive.

My Battlefront stuff has been delay for a slightly different reason. First I can't get them from my local gaming store because their selection for Battlefront is horrible (outside of Tanks) and nothing I've order has ever came in if it was a Battlefront miniature. The only Team Yankee stuff I can buy off the shelf is the main book, Potecknov's Bear box, Bannon's Boy box and maybe the tokens for US and Soviets. Out of that the only thing I may be interested in down the road is the Potecknov's Bear box. So this means I need to order my stuff directly from Battlefront. Now I'm still in the process of moving and would be worry that the delivery driver would drop my miniatures off at a location I may not be at for a while, a problem I have with them just living in one place! That said I've also been rethinking my purchase, in particular on the Flames of War side. Taking the train over the holidays reminded me that the last time I played Flames of War I wanted to use a train list. My problem is that the Berlin list and a train list will have almost nothing in common with each other. In some ways its like trying to buy 2 separate armies from two different countries. I suppose until I make the order I have time to think about which way I want to go.

That's where I'm at now. I had hope I would update a little more often this month but the move has taken a lot out of me. I probably won't get a post on my new purchases until after I fully move. Thanks for your interest and thank you for reading. Until next time...

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