Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Warhammer Plans For 2017

Happy New Years! I've decide to start 2017 with some Warhammer news. At the time of my Winter Update I had no idea where to go on the Warhammer front. I've since settled on a plan that has multiple parts. The initial part is to build my Age of Sigmar Poison army.

The idea behind my Poison Army is Clan Pestilens Skaven mix with Warriors of Chaos Nurgle with some demons thrown in. One of the reason I'm going with it is because its both new and a continuation of what I already have. The Skaven is going to be a new experience for me, both from the aspect of painting "skin" oppose to my mostly metal force and for the first time dealing with something closer to a horde army. Also I have zero Skaven models so this part of the army will be all new. On the Chaos side I can fall back on stuff I'm more comfortable with and already have a lot of. But I will be taking my Chaos in a different direction. I will be doing a slightly different Nurgle paint scheme that will match my Skavens. I'm hoping for a balance between having the Poison Army look like a different force from my main Chaos army and yet have some of the Nurgle parts that could still fit into my old army. Not sure I can pull it off but that is my goal. Also if I do have Forsaken in my Poison Army they will be different from my original plans. My Poison Army won't have the corrupting nature theme of my current Nurgle force so kitbashing Chaos Warriors with Dryads doesn't really fit. Kitbashing Chaos Warriors with rat models would be perfect but all of the Skaven line is either too small or too big for that, I think. I have thought up of other conversion I could do, like a Chaos chariot being pulled my giant rats (or the wheels get replace by rats). Now that I've settle in for what I'm going to do, the ideas for conversion is overflowing.

I've actually played very few games of Age of Sigmar and I've only recently began to digest the point system in the General's Handbook. I'm a little afraid of coming up with a list that isn't competitive. My first few games will be friendly matches with a friend so this won't matter at first but I eventually want to travel to events with my Poison Army and I don't want to get smash because I have a bad list (getting smash because I'm playing better players is a different story and that is fine with me). In any case I will be sticking to my theme and will try to improve my army in any way that doesn't departs from said theme. There are a couple of things I still haven't settle on. I hear that in the fluff every clan has clan rats but I'm not sure if I want to add them to my force. Beside going further to being a horde army than I want, clan rats can't get the Pestilens and/or Nurgle keywords. I don't know all the problems that will cause but I'm not sure clan rats will be worth the cost. They do have the benefit of still being sold with square bases. As I'm still a fan of 8th edition I want as much as my army to be usable in both systems. With the official end of 8th edition I find square bases are harder to come by, at least with Games Workshop models. This more than anything else makes the clan rats tempting. The other thing is that I was never a fan of Skaven warmachines (which is why I never collected them before now). However if I don't take warmachines that doesn't leave a lot left to fill my army with Pestilens stuff. I will probably have to just bite the bullet and pickup the plague warmachines.

My initial plan purchase is a box of Plague Monks, Plague Censer Bearers and a Plague Priest (or two). I also want to pick a box Chaos Knights fairly early on. Later on I want to pick up a second box of Plague Monks and the Verminlord Corruptor. This along with an unit of striped and repainted Chaos Warriors is going to be my core force. After getting some games in I will decide where to go from there. In my mind I want a rough mix of 50/50% even split between Skaven and Chaos, if not a little more Skaven. I am worry about the cost of getting that much Skaven plus I know there is so much more Chaos stuff I want to consider like a Warshrine, Forsakens, chariots and more. And I forgot to mention a box of Plaguebearers in there. The best part about this army is that it is easy for my to try out new things with it. I already own a lot of Chaos and my friend has a ton of Skaven and a 40k Nurgle army I could borrow to test out options. This is probably the one of the few armies I could build while play testing and not have to do any kind of proxies.

My Poison Army is only the first part of my Warhammer plans. Once I have my core force assembled and painted, I will start designing an AoS campaign. The other reason I'm going with the Poison Army is that I came up with a campaign to use it in. The storyline for the campaign is new as well as connected to my current World of Chaos plot. I need to finish some unpublish lore but I will deal with that once I'm actually working on the campaign. I'm sure between Phil and myself we have enough models to start the campaign immediately but I really want my core army to be painted first. I want any battle report pictures to look like there is a unified threat. Even using Phil models will still fit the narrative as they will represent hired on mercenaries. I plan on hiring mercenaries to be a big part of the campaign itself.

And those are my plans for Warhammer in 2017. Will start it off with a box of Plague Monks next month. Let is how it goes. Thanks for reading and I hope the new year will be a good one for you. Until next time.

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