Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Introduction to BattleTech: Defense of David

As I have mention in the Winter Update my friend Chris and myself design a BattleTech Campaign which I have since forgotten many of the mechanics we develop for it. And since he gotten a new BattleTech rule book that deals will some of the stuff the campaign is about, we might as well wait until we can get together to see if we want to adopt any of the new rules. What this post will be about is the general outline of the campaign and how the design came about.

At the beginning I thought we were going to craft our own lore for the campaign. Choose a year in the setting that will serve to limit what technology is available and we would make up everything from there. Instead I was shown that the official lore is so large that it is relatively easy to fit any scenario somewhere in the establish setting. The starting place was still picking a year which I allow Chris to choose since I usually get to choose my preference in our BattleTech games. Unsurprising to me he picked the Fourth Succession War. I favor clan tech along with their more advance mechs and I can tell while he loves nearly all things Battletech, the classic mechs and the tech level where the game started is close to his heart. Next we had to pick sides to play as. My friend was more than happy to play as any of the available choices which left me to decide first and Chris would then pick an appropriate foe. My knowledge on Battletech lore is quite low so my friend had to give me his personal short description of each nation. After hearing about my choices I decided to go with Federated Suns because I like the sound of mixing mechs and combat vehicles working together. Also I was in the middle of playing Tanks! at the time and was beginning to develop a liking for WW2 British warfare which also has some characteristics to Federated Suns. Chris went with Draconis Combine. I was given the choice so I decided to play the defenders. I figure there would be more potential playing the defenders if I decided to write short stories about my part in the campaign. At this stage the only thing we had left to decide was the location for our personal war. Chris looked up all the worlds in Federated Suns that bordered the Draconis Combine during the Fourth Succession War. There were a lot of options but only one planet had a scenario we both were interested in and fit what we had in mind for our campaign. That planet was David.

In the lore David, the second planet in the system, was apart of a skirmish conflict during the Fourth Succession War on the Federated Suns/Draconis Combine border. Under Federated Suns control, David II was the homeworld of the 41st Avalon Hussars. The 41st were deployed elsewhere in the universe so the 12th Deneb Light Cavalry garrisoned David in their place. The Draconis Combine attack David using the 9th Dieron Regulars while the 41st were away. The 12th Deneb Light Cavalry fought the 9th Dieron Regulars using guerrilla tactics. By refusing Dieron Regulars of having a stand-up fight, DLC greatly delay and frustrated the Draconis Combine force. DLC delayed long enough that the 41st Avalon Hussars were able to return, which caused the Dieron Regulars to withdrew from the world. The campaign will be our version of this very scenario.

We gave ourselves 55,000 battle value points each to design our force (which we still need to do). Once this is done I will have to split my force into two to represent the 41st Avalon Hussars and the 12th Deneb Light Cavalry. I will not be basing my force on either of them. Instead I will be choosing my force from anything that was available to Federated Suns during this time. Chris will do the same with the Draconis Combine. Both of us will have 36 million c-bills that we can use for repairs. At the start of the campaign I will only have access to the 12th Deneb Light Cavalry portion of my army. The 41st will show up later in the campaign at a random time neither of us will know about. In the meantime I will have to hold out until they arrive. We will split up our force into banners on a map. We will be giving these banners orders which will affect each unit in said banner. Some of the type of orders we can give banners are fight, scout, defend and move. The campaign splits up time into strategic turns. We will give each banner one order during each strategic turn (which represents one day in the setting). Any battle that I am the defender (I gave my banner the defend order and it got attack) I will get 3 platoons of rifle infantry for free. This will represent the local militia helping defend their planet. At the end of each strategic turn I will roll a d20 and add up the total to previous rolls. Once the total reaches 100, the 41st Avalon Hussars have arrive in the system. They will make landfall 12 days later and join what's left of my force (this is because David jump point stat is 12 days).

And that is a rough outline of our campaign and I doubt any of that information will change. The last time I work on my army list I was struggling to keep the ratio of my mechs, combat vehicles and others items the same as the official Federated Suns Regimental Combat Team. The Regimental Combat Teams was the main reason I pick Federated Suns in the first place so I will find a way to have a facsimile of it in the campaign. Once we rehash out them out, I will post the full rules of the campaign on a nexus page. After that I will post an article that will have our full rosters. At this point, once the map is done, the campaign will begin. My one fear about the campaign is that I will get annihilated before the 21st is even close to arriving since I will be vastly outnumbered. In any case we will find out in the coming months. Thanks for reading.

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