Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Topic of the Week: Favorite Army

On his channel Vince Venturella promotes something he calls the Topic of the Week to the war gaming community. The idea is that he will toss out a topic every Friday to give the community something to think about. Content creators interested in the topic can make a video response to that topic and Vince will link those videos in the Topic of the Week description. He also encourages others whom don't want to make a video to post their thoughts in the comments section. In this way he helps bring the community closer together. Seeing various ideas discuss among the community is great and I've wanted to join in on the conversation for a while now.

Last week Topic was on your favorite army. I spend some time thinking about it and I finally gather my thoughts together to make this video:

Here is the link to Vince Venturella channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgptSaRLvd1QH0SURdQNYgg

Also episode 26 of the War Journal: Flames of War podcast is out: http://neaceul.podbean.com/.

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