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Defense of Mittelaschenbach

This is a battle report of my second game of the Fulda Gap Campaign. As before this game has several special rules unique to the campaign. These rules are detailed on Fulda Gap Campaign page. Warning, this game does use a lot of proxies. Between me still working on my models and the campaign giving out additional units we weren't planning on getting, proxies are unavoidable.

This was the battlefield and it was quite interesting. The western part of the map is completely opening making it really dangerous. There is a small patch of trees in the south just left in the picture. In the middle of the map moving towards the east is a giant hill. The hill has an east-west road that is flank rows of trees on both sides, which really made line of sight a headache. On the far east there is a larger patch of trees with a small clearing inside the forest.

Here is a picture of the entire Soviet force. The Soviet did receive an additional 25 points which was used to purchase new units. The following has the components of the main list as well as what the extra points were spent on:

Main Force

HQ T-72 x1
T-72 x3 w/ mine clearing devices
T-72 x3 w/ mine clearing devices
T-72 x3 w/ mine clearing devices
BMP-2 motor rifle company (AK-74 x4, RPG-7 x3, BMP-2 x4)
2S1 Carnation x3
2S1 Carnation x3
BMP-1 OP x1
ZSU-23-4 Shilka x4
SA-13 Gopher x4
MI-24 Hind x6
Frogfoot x4

25 extra points

Hind x6
Shilka x4
Shilka x2
Gopher x4

In addition to this the Soviets Campaign assets are a BMP-1 OP x1, MI-24 Hind x3 on Turn 1, Frogfoot x3 on Turns 2, 4, 5, 6, and the Off-Board Artillery is 2S1 Carnation x6.

Here is a picture of the US force. The US also receive an additional 25 which was used to boost the HQ and purchase new units. The following has the components of the main list as well as what the extra points were spent on:

Main Force

HQ M1 Abram
M1 Abrams x3
M1 Abrams x3
M113 Mech Platoon x3
M901 ITV x2
M163 VADS x4
M109 x6 w/ Copperheads
A-10 Warthog x2

25 extra points

HQ M1 Abram (essentially the second in command)
ITV x2
ITV x2
Mech Platoon x3 w/ extra dragon missile team

In addition to this the US Campaign assets are a FIST x1, AH-1 Cobra x3 on Turn 1, A-10 x 2 on Turn 1, A-10 x 1 on Turn 2 and the Off-Board Artillery is M109 x3 w/Copperheads and Bomblets.


The campaign pick our mission for us: Free-For-All. The Soviets is attacking from the north while the US is defending from the south. The key elements of this battle is that everything starts on the board and the person with first turn is decided by a die off after deployment. The person with first turn can not use artillery or aircraft. If that person has campaign assets that come in on Turn 1, all their campaign assets get pushed back a turn. Both players place two objectives in their opponent's deployment zone (within 8 inches of the long edge).

Most of the US lightly armored unit deployed on the eastern objective, surrounded by trees. That made the objective easily defended and dangerous to take. As such, the Soviet practically didn't try. Instead all the action centered on western objective which was out in the open. The hill protected the Soviets very long line of Anti-Air and artillery. The Abrams were out in the open to face enemies coming around the hill. I was hoping the hill along with the double forest on top would help protect the Abrams flank but there is no spot safe from Soviet Aircraft!

Turn 1

The US won first turn which is a mix blessing as now most their units can not shoot, campaign assets are now pushed back, unable to use aircraft and the lost of the Off-Board artillery. Trying to make the most of it, the Abrams moved forward and the VADS that were behind them moved north to shoot at Hinds. A Mech platoon and ITV unit dash towards the clearing on the western side. Almost half of those vehicle got bogged down in the woods. The VADS were only in range of 2 Hinds and took one out. One unit of Abrams fired and wiped out the visible Carnations. The remaining Abrams combine their fire at the T-72s but only manage to bail out 2 tanks. This did force a morale check which the T-72s failed and ran off.

Soviets did manage to get in their Strike Aircraft on their turn as well as the Off-Board artillery. Two rounds of artillery fail to achieve anything as one failed to range in while the other range in on the ITV and Mech Platoons. Hits were made but the vehicles made their armor save. A unit of T-72s moved up the hill and shot at the VADS, destroying one. On western side, BMPs shoot at the HQ which destroyed the second in command. Frogfoot unit fired on some Abrams destroying one. That shot cost the Frogfoot half their numbers as 2 were shot down by 2 VADS. Of the 3 units of Hinds, one loiter off by mistake, the campaign hinds fired and missed while 5 copter fire on Abrams. The AA fire cost the Hinds another member and in turn got 2 hits, which the Abrams made their saves so no damage got through.

Turn 2

US failed to get Off-Board Artillery but got both campaign and normal strike aircraft in. I put the campaign A-10s in the northeast of the map to thin out the AA there but instead the A-10s got shot down. My M109s fire Copperheads at 4 Hinds but one hit land and the Hind made it save. The unit of 3 Abrams move under the Hinds so they could fire on shilkas hiding behind the hill. The volley destroyed 3 Shilkas, but the remaining one made the morale check to stay. The unit of 2 Abrams move on top of the hill and fired on AA vehicles, wiping out the unit of 2 Shilkas and destroying a single Gopher. My HQ moved into the woods to get cover but got bogged down, leaving its rear to the enemy. The ITVs in those woods shot at the BMPs, destroying 1. On the east side the men dismounted and moved forward. Their transports move up and fire machine guns at the Shikas in the woods but did no damage. The Cobras flew in and drop the salvo on Soviet soldiers, killing 2 and pinning the unit. My own A-10s fired on the T-72s on the hill but rolled snake eyes.

Soviets failed to get their strike aircraft and Off-Board Artillery in but the campaign gave him 3 Frogfoots. The BMPs shot at Abram HQ stuck in the woods. HQ failed two saves and got destroyed. I also failed my commander save to jump into another vehicle. The commander and an unit of T-72s shot at the Abrams on the hill, destroying one of them. The remaining Abram failed its morale check and fled the battlefield. The Hinds shot at the full strength Abrams and destroyed 2. The campaign Frogfoots destroyed the FIST that was out in the open. The T-72s that were parked on top of the hill continue shooting at the VADS and destroyed 2 more. The remaining VADS and Abram passed their morale check. Artillery rain down on eastern side, covering an ITV and most of the Mech platoon. It bailed out a transport and pinned the men.

Turn 3

The US got no aircraft and no artillery this turn. The campaign assets gave me one lone A-10 which got shot down. The last Abram move up to shoot at Gophers but completely missed. The ITVs in the woods kill all but one BMP. The Cobras tried to take out some T-72s but AA fire shoot them all down. It is at this point I soon realize I had a problem with my camera during this and last turn. I lost my audio notes for this phase and I don't remember what else happen on my turn. I do know either on this turn or on Soviets Turn 2, one Hind in each unit were destroyed bring their totals to 3 and 2. I have no idea what brought them down. I do believe the Mech Platoon on eastern side failed to rally.

As it is becoming quite common for both players, the Soviets got no artillery and no strike aircraft this turn. It is at this point Tracy remembered he had another unit of 6 Hinds that he had remove from the table turn 1 and completely forgot about them. He brought them in on the east side and they along with the Shilkas destroyed the 3 M113 transports. On the west side the Hinds fired at the lone Abram and destroyed him. The unit of two Hinds used it Gatling gun on the ITVs in the woods, but ITVs are very hard to hit. I had a lot of AA fire and it all missed. The Soviet troops finally rallied and moved up towards the objective.

Turn 4

US Off-Board artillery finally comes in but their A-10s refuse to return to the field. The VADS on the east side move up and shoot at the new 6 Hinds and did nothing. The 2 ITVs over there fire 2 deadly shots taking out a Carnation and a Hind. The M109s fired at the remaining 5 Hinds with Copperheads and destroyed 3 copters. ITV leader in the woods called in the Off-Board artillery on the motor rifle company, killing another soldier and pinning the rest. There was more firing but nothing else landed.

The Soviets normal strike aircraft is still on vocation like my own A-10s. But Tracy did roll to get his artillery in and his campaign assets gave him another 3 Frogfoots. The motor rifle company did rally and move onto the objective. The Off-Board artillery drop a smoke bombardment to screen the motor rifle company. All three units of Hinds move next to the ITVs trying to, but failing to do any damage to them. The T-72s on the hill finished off the last VADS on the western side. The range in artillery on the eastern side fired another bombardment, killing a single soldier. All 3 campaign Frogfoots were shot down by the eastern VADS.

Turn 5

Luck is running out for the US. I got no strike aircraft and no Off-Board artillery. The Mech platoon refuse to rally. The ITVs in the wood attempt to move so they could contest the objective. One bogged down while the other pass and could contest. That ITV machine the motor rifle company and manage to kill a man. All other ITVs fired at targets but nothing landed. Copperheads were fired at the unit of 3 Hinds, 2 were downed. The remaining Hind passed it morale.

The Soviets manage to get everything this turn. Artillery, normal strike aircraft and campaign aircraft! The 2 Carnations that was ranged in on the east side redirect it fire to place a smoke bombardment to screen the motor rifle company again. Said motor company tried to dig in but failed. Shilkas fired 18 shots into the Mech Platoon and miss every one. A second unit of T-72s moved on top of the hill. Lots of fire was pour into the ITVs on the eastern objective, eventually destroying them because I thought they loss their gone-to-ground when they hadn't. The new unit of T-72s shot at the 2 M109s that were in the woods, destroying them both. All the remaining Hinds fired at the bogged down ITV, eventually destroying it. The Frogfoots destroy the active ITV, nearly securing absolute victory for the Soviets.

Turn 6

Because of the smoke screen the only hope US has to prevent the Soviets from winning next turn is to get strike aircraft and take out the last 4 motor rifle company. I got nothing! No artillery, no strike aircraft and now no way to target the Soviet infantry. Given that I had lost my only purpose this turn was to do as much damage as possible. The Mech platoon finally rallied. They moved up because the Shilkas were just slight out of range of their weapons. Pouring their LAWs into the Shilkas, two were turned into burning husk. The remaining Shilka passed its morale to avoid the unit being lost. The VADS moved towards the Hinds, crossing the woods. One VADS bogged down and only one other was in range. Its fire did nothing. The remaining M109s return fire by copperheads into the T-72s and destroyed 2. Again the Soviets passed it morale. My turn ends and the Soviets starts their turn 6 by winning 4-3!

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