Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Update 2016

I have many plans for this summer. I will probably not reach all of them but I will work hard to see as many of them in action as possible. One thing I have learn about this hobby is that interest can change astonishingly fast. A new game can suddenly attract attention while local interest in another game I had planned on playing can instantly vanish. That all said, here are my current plans for the summer:

Team Yankee - Team Yankee is what I've put most of my energy in to. I've done a video on the current progress of my Team Yankee force as well as explain the reasons why I am not as far as I probably should be. You can watch that video here. Beside my army, there are two things going on with me related to Team Yankee. The first is that I'm doing weekly demos at my local gaming store. For about 2 months now Tracy and myself have been at Hero Complex every Saturday from 2 pm. to 5 pm. Because of the demos we have generated a lot of interest locally and hopefully that will soon turn into more active players to join the community.

The second is that I'm apart of a Team Yankee campaign that started this week. I'm not running it and there are some elements of it I don't completely understand. However I do know what my part in the campaign is and I will be setting up a page to chronicle the events of the campaign. The campaign should run about 6 weeks and has some interest ideas that should generate a few topics worth discussing here. More on the campaign will be coming very soon.

Battletech - Both my friend and myself want to get some Battletech action going on this summer. My friend is working on a 2 player Battletech multi scenario campaign. We are still working on the details. The general idea is that we both will have a large force to command. It will start with each of us purchasing our force at a set BV total. Somewhere around 15,000 BV to 120,000 BV. I'm lending toward the 120k value but its still something we have work out yet. I'm not sure if I will have a page dedicate to it but I will cover all aspects of it in normal posts. We are looking at having some of the battles being recorded on Tracy's youtube channel as battle reports. Once we finalist the rules and pick our force, I will post a summary here and the space battles can begin. I would like to also write fiction for our campaign but that may be too ambitious for me with so much else going on. We will see.

Relic Knights - Relic Knights is the game I'm most excited about that I've never played. Its the only game I ever develop an interest for without having someone trying to get me into it. I brought one of the six starter boxes last year and had planned to do a video series about my hobby with Relic Knights. That project got delayed and then I notice no one was playing Relic Knights at my local gaming store anymore. If there was no local interest in it, I didn't see the point in putting in any effect into a game I still haven't played yet. But then last month I ran into one of the people I knew was into Relic Knights and asked him about it. He told me people stopping showing up and the game died. He still loves the game and would be interested in playing again. So knowing there is interest out there I'm going to do my Relic Knight video series. I expect the first episode to be out later this month. Outside of just getting the models together and playing some games, I have no plans for Relic Knights from a story point. I suppose I should find out if I like the game first, which I can do later in the summer.

Frostgrave - I talk a little about Frostgrave last summer. It was a game I was looking at that I though would be fun and have a lot of story telling potential, which is a big plus for my blog. However I never manage to invest in the book. Last month while demoing Team Yankee, another group was demoing Frostgrave at a table next to us. They were also the same group that played Relic Knights and one of them was the person I mention above. I didn't get to play, but I did get to see Frostgrave in action. It had some quirks but I really need to play it myself to know how I feel about it. Their plan is to get a local community of Frostgrave players to have pick up games as well as a full campaign. I told them if they did run a campaign I would be happy to join it. There is a slight problem in that I have no way of contacting them. Next time I see them I need to make sure we trade contact info so we can setup some Frostgrave or Relic Knight games.

Civil War - This is the least likely to happen but I wanted to give it a mention in case something becomes of it. We have generated a fair amount of interest in Team Yankee. Two people whom display strong interest in Team Yankee is apart of the local historical group. They usually play Bolt Action but recently it looks like they are trying out a miniature game of the American Civil War. The last time I've seen them, they were still waiting on getting their models. I watch them play with cardboard strips which I assume were the size of the movement trays. I'm not sure why I am even interested in this but watching them I had a nagging urge to try it out. Not really sure how they would feel about a non-historical accurate painted army, which would be what I would want to do. On the other hand, thinking about the long term if I eventually expand my story telling to a western setting, having Civil War models, even historical accurate ones could come in handy. Deadlands and Malifaux are popular games that uses the wild west as its setting, an alternate fantastical wild west but a west that Civil War models would fit in. There is also a new dungeon crawl boardgame that uses a Cthulhu wild west as its setting and its a game Tracy and myself have been eyeing. The temptation is strong but I don't think I will invest in the game anytime soon. However if they allow me to play with their models, my interest in investing may change in the future. The fact that my local gaming store has a single box of Civil War cavalry for sell is taunting me enough as it.

Shieldmaiden Knights - Last week at my local gaming store I was in a situation where I need to make change. Reaper's Bone miniature are really cheap so I scan the shelves for something I would be interested in. I settled on the Aviriel model to use in my Shieldmaiden Knights project I discuss in my previous post. She is suppose to be an elf but that is hard to see from the package. I will probably just treat her as a human and paint her as such. My Shieldmaiden Knights' history is still unwritten so how Aviriel will fit in is still up in the air. But now that I have an actual model, I need to design what their paint scheme will be.

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