Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lore and Labels

One of my goals with the next campaign (which kickoff yesterday) is to maintain an updated record of my participation.  I will accomplish this through writing short stories of campaign event from my armies point of view and summary reports of battles, player interactions and campaign meetings.  To make it easier to know which post are campaign related I will be using two labels: "Lore" for the fiction and "Report" for the summaries.  Logos for each will be displayed at the top of the post as well.  Said logos are shown below.

I still have a fair amount of work to do before the GM Campaign's first meeting this Friday.  I need to write up a 5000 point list and decide on the storyline behind my army.  I have used two different storylines in campaigns before though neither got very far.  The first storyline center around the army's leader Chaos Lord Amirren.  Amirren was a powerful warrior, cunning tactician and an accomplish sorcerer.  His greatest strength however was his charisma.  Using only his persuasive wit (and martial prowess for some) he earn the complete loyalty of 9 Lords of Chaos.  These lords do not like each other at best but they held Amirren with such respect that they would do anything for him.  I did not have names for all 9 lords but I did have personalities and characters traits for most of them.  I really like the story opportunities with this setup because it would allow for personalities to grow and clash.  I was a little hesitate to continue this storyline however for two reason.  For one that campaign was a disaster from a narrative point of view.  The point of doing a campaign story is to let the results of the battles decide the fate of the story.  In that campaign most of my characters were captured or killed by the end.  On the flip side that campaign had a few other issue with it that I will not go into here.  However I do feel I have enough of a case to "reboot" the storyline even though I feel conflicted about it.  But the second reason I was hesitate has a much stronger case.  I can not give Chaos Lord Amirren the stats to properly portray him in the new Warriors of Chaos book.  In the new book I have lost the item "Book of Secrets" which allowed a Chaos Lord to also be a sorcerer.  Being a warrior and a sorcerer on the battlefield was one of Amirren's central themes.  An option would be to run the army without its charismatic leader but that would feel a little wrong.

The second storyline I have used in a campaign was in the brief Blood and the Badlands.  The Arkyrian Cabal was a secret society of sorcerers whom members have infiltrated various armies around the world.  The idea was that they reveal themselves right before the start of the Blood and the Badlands and I do want to tell that story when I redo that campaign.  Since so much of the Arkyrian story was made for a campaign that has yet to happen, I am unsure at what direction to take it in the GM Campaign.

I do have ideas for a third Chaos storyline but much of that is still being develop.  I also want to kick that army off with a series of short stories that I have yet to start.  That means I am left with using either Amirren or Arkyrian storyline for the current campaign.  Decisions, decisions...

Tomorrow I will post a battle report of yesterday's mega battle

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