Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beach Landing Megabattle


Maritime scouts have learn the location of an unknown island.  With rumors of it possibly being the site of lost arcane treasures the scouts pass this information on to their lords, kings,  generals or whatnot.  Many of these rulers determine that the island could provide a valuable strategic advantage and the chance of gaining artifacts was too much to pass up.  The naval forces of these nations/war bands were launched with some of their rulers taking charge of the expedition personally.  The waters around the island soon became a battlefield as these forces arrive nearly all at once.  During the chaotic naval conflict three armies manage to get a small band onto the island shores.  The three armies were Ogre Kingdoms, High Elves and Warriors of Chaos.  All three bands had the same goal and that was to secure a foothold on the island.  However to all three surprise, the unknown island was not vacant.  A large force of Skaven were waiting on the shores to give the visitors the warm welcome the cowardly and cruel race is known for.


The battle was divide into two sides, the attackers and defender.  The attackers (Ogre Kingdoms, High Elves and Warriors of Chaos) each had a force worth 500 points and a free Battle Standard Banner.  The Skaven defender had a force roughly equal to the other three combined.  The objective for the attackers were to get their Battle Standard across the board the fastest.  If multiple Battle Standard die then the one whom made it the furthest will count as the winner.  The only objective for the defender was to make life miserable for the attackers.  The attackers shared the same turn.  They were not allies and count each other as enemies for determining viable targets.  The order in which the attacker's actions are resolved was decide at the beginning of each turn by a contested roll..  Each attacker had their own magic phase.

The Battle

The attackers deployed as close to each other as possible.  Chaos had their eye on the elves and the Ogre had theirs on Chaos.

The defenders waited patiently, some in a wildwood which claim a rat.

Turn 1

The attackers had first turn.  Chaos wanted to march forward but the forsaken had other ideas.  The lure of elven flesh so close to them prove to be too much for the warriors to resists.  The frenzy forsaken failed their leadership test to follow orders and charged the elven archers.

Everyone else march forward.  The magic phase was uneventful.  Not surprising with Chaos and Ogres only having a single level 1 wizard.  The Skaven only had 2 level 1 wizards themselves.  The only unit on either side that had any shooting abilities were the elven archers whom had a forsaken problem.  Moving on to the close combat phase, it was not a pretty sight for the elves.  Losing about a third of the unit and doing no wounds back the archers broke from combat and the forsaken were more than happy to run them down.  Unfortunately for them this essentially put them out of the battle as well.  At least Chaos earn first blood! (meaningless in this scenario)

The Skaven turn was pretty simple.  Giant rats charge the high elf cavalry and everyone else move forward.  Nothing significant happen during the magic phase and no unit was capable of firing in the shoot phase.  In close combat the high elves just edge out the giant rats.  The rats failed their leadership and flee.  The high elves was going to chase until it was reveal that a unit of clan rats were in the way.  So instead the high elves reform to narrow it front now it can ride pass the clan rats for victory.

The line of yellow dices shows the actually location of the clan rats behind the forest.  Being at an angle the clan rats' rear block the cavalry pursuit.

Turn 2

The high elf cavalry charged the fleeing giant rats.  The distance the rats flee was greater than the high elf charge.  Failing the charge only allowed the high elves to move forward a few inches.  This gave Ogres and Chaos a chance to catch up.  The Ogres issued a charge of their own on clan rats and made it.  Chaos had to make a decision.  They could move towards the high elves and try to slow them down with their one spell or to go for a long charge which would put them back into the running.  No guts, no glory Chaos went with the charge and needed a 9 on 2d6.  Rolled 9.

The magic phase this time was a game changer, though not in the way people initially thought.  Chaos single spell was Cacophonic Choir and it has a 12 inch range.  Both Ogres and High Elves were out of range for the spell.  So Chaos tried to cast it at the increase value of 24 so it would hit nearly every Skaven unit.  Chaos hit 24 on the nose with no miscast.  Skaven tried to dispel but rolled mostly 1s and 2s.  Every unit that was wounded by Cacophonic Choir gains the Always Strike Last and Random Movement special rule for a turn.  The caster also gets to roll one die for each wound cast by the spell which will increase his weapon skill, initiative and attacks due to the lore attribute.  Chaos only got 2 successes on 19 dices.  The close combat phase was extremely bloody for the Skavens.  The Slaanesh Chaos Warriors decimated the clan rats and ran them down, which place them into first place at the moment.  As bad as Chaos beating was, Ogres deliver an even bloodier result.

The pile of rats were the numbers the Ogre killed and only received 1 wound in return.  The only way the cowardly Skavens were going to hold their ground after that assault would be to get insane courage on their leadership.  Their leadership roll was ...

By the end of the attackers second turn it was an extremely close race.  Whoever manage to get move first between Chaos and High Elves on the next turn would be able to march off the board and earn the victory.  Ogres were still in it if they could break and overrun the clan rats on the Skaven's turn.  That was what the standing were ... that was until we remember most of the Skaven units now had the Random Movement special rule.  That rule allowed the Skaven to make charges that were impossible before.  Chaos got reared charged by plague monks and High Elves got flank charge by more clan rats.  Ogres got the side charge they knew was coming.  Still in close combat things went to the attackers favor, well mostly.  The High Elves beat back their opponents and didn't pursuit when the rats broke.  The Ogres erased the clan rats in their front which caused the flank unit to panic.  The Ogres also choose not to pursuit.  Chaos had a much harder fight but they also prevailed.  Unfortunately for them the plague monks did NOT break which pretty much sealed Chaos fate.  Chaos reformed to face the monks so they unleash their full hatred on them for being deny victory.

Turn 3

With nothing to hold them back now the High Elves marches off the board for the win.  Ogre still had a fair amount of ground to cover and was afraid that Chaos might annihilate the Skaven too fast.  So the opportunist Ogres charged Chaos in the flank.  The move also place Ogres' battle standard past the Chaos one.  The magic phase gave Chaos one last chance to change its fortune by casting an irresistible Cacophonic Choir on the Ogres.  While the miscast did nothing, the damage was not enough to make much difference.  Chaos was routed in the close combat phase.  Since the Ogres' battle standard was further than where the Chaos battle standard had fallen, Ogre Kingdoms claimed second place and the battle was over.

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