Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flames of War fantasy?

A couple of my friends wanted me to try out the Flames of War game.  I initially resisted because I thought it clash with my hobby goals.   Flames of War is a historic World War 2 game and I know many in its community take the historic aspect very serious.  And they have every right to.  It is a game that can help people explore events where real people fought and died.  It is a subject that deserves respect.  Truth be told I also enjoy studying history.  However when it comes to miniatures my interest lays in fantasy.  I want to create my own stories with my miniatures and use my own paint schemes to achieve those ends.

In May as I prepared for the GM campaign I also had an urge to try out other types of miniature games.  So I gave my friends a call and they were more than happy to show me the game.  I found the game to be fun, easy to learn and seems to be pretty balance.  Learning the game was help with the fact that Battlefront, the makers of the game, has a series of youtube videos explaining how to play.  After playing a few more games I have fell in love with Flames of War.  It also helps that it is on the cheaper side of miniature games.  My only mild complain is the scale of the game is different from Warhammer and most other miniatures I'm thinking of picking up.  This is only an issue because one of my long term goals is to do a miniature comic with my miniatures and having such a difference in scale (and setting for that matter) will make such a project much harder.  Nevertheless I have a few options make it work so I will be adding Flames of War to my collection list.  My Flames of War army will be on the fantastical side in a similar vein as the anime Pumpkin Scissors or the video game Valkyria Chronicles with my own twist.  Maybe at some point down the road I will do a more historic accurate Flames of War army but for now I am all fantasy.  For this blog I figure the change would be a few tanks in the painting log every so often.

And then I learn about WWPD's Flames of War: Operation Overlord campaign.  Its a world wide campaign where every Flames of War battle you play can affect the outcome of the event.  As cool and exciting the campaign sounded I was not planning on participating.  I currently do not own any Flames of War miniatures and for an event like this I prefer at least using some of my own figures.  But then I learn my friends really, REALLY wants to participate and at the time I was their only German player.  So I decide to signup for the campaign.  The icing on this cake however is that for players' battles to be counted in the event, a battle report of the game must be post somewhere online.  Neither of my friends have a website nor do they want to write the battle reports.  So I volunteered this space to have the Flames of War reports.  I had planned on expanding the number of games I would write battle report on and post them on Chaos Magic, just not this soon.  Oh well.  The global campaign will be starting at the end of this month.  Between the Flames of War campaign and the GM Warhammer fantasy campaign, this space will be getting busy real quick.  Watch this space.

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