Saturday, February 11, 2017

The New Beginning Starts Now!

I got my Battlefront stuff today so now I'm ready to discuss my miniature fresh start. Here is a group shot of everything I picked up.

One thing you may notice is that there is no World War 2 miniature. I was planning on getting the Kleinpanzer Wanze to restart my Flames of War force because its a cool looking vehicle but I eventually decided to just drop it for now. Part of the reason was being unsure which Flames of War list to work on since working on multiple German list sometime have as much in common with each other as complete different armies. Also with Team Yankee going from "a game I may get to play sometime in the future, maybe" to "setting up a Team Yankee night", I have more of an incentive to get my Team Yankee stuff done.

From my Battlefront only picture, you can tell I dropped the T-72 singles and the Wanze to get the T-72 box instead. And its a good thing that I did. I had plan to buy a single tank here and there and maybe get the Potecknov's Bears box set from my local store. I now know that won't work for me because of decals. I hadn't taken a good look at the Soviet decals until I open my box and they sucked, at least for my purpose. For start there are only 16 big number decals on the sheet. I don't know why they have two different size numbers on the sheet but if I'm going to use any decals, I'm going to use the same size on all my T-72. My list has 20 tanks so I will need to customize a few numbers no matter what. However the numbers on the sheet is what really gives me problems. The sheet has the numbers "200" and every number between "216" and "230". I don't see a system that makes sense using those numbers. What's extra strange is that you couldn't number your tanks the same way as the tanks on the T-72 box picture. All the tanks on the box are numbered in the 300s. There is noway to number your tanks in that way because they only give you 2 pairs of 3s. Long story short, trying to number my tanks in a way that makes sense to me is going to require a bunch decal sheets. To grab as many decal sheets as possible means I should only buy my tanks in the T-72 Tankovy Company box. I guess this does makes my next three Soviet purchase straight forward.

My West German force is a different story. I don't have either a partial or full list preset to build for my West Germans so I have a different set of considerations for what to get next. A combination of options I'm likely to choose often and reducing proxies are my top priorities. With those in mind artillery will one of the last things I will get as I can us my US 109s to stand for West German's M109s in the meantime. That said, getting my first Leopard 2 assemble is going to be nice but I am really not sure where to go next. I need tank decals so getting the Leopard 2 box or the German Army deal is a good idea. At this point I am not sold on the helicopters so I will probably go with the Leopard 2 box. I just think helicopters are too expensive point wise and I need to play a lot more games with them before I commit to them. The Marder box is another strong option as I will need some amount of infantry to balance my force. With all things consider I think my next Team Yankee purchase will be the Leopard 2 box so I can finish my current Leo2 with my following West German purchase most likely being the Marder box.

Moving on to Warhammer, I was able to get exactly what I wanted to start my Age of Sigmar Poison Army. I love the 3 snap together Chaos Warrior box. It maintains the Chaos aspect of the army and gives me something to practice a new color scheme. The focus of the army however will be with Skaven and the Plague Monks will give me my first taste of rats. I already have square bases to base them with. The next step with them is either another box of Plague Monks since my local store has one on the shelf, the Pestilens Starter Box or the Clan Rats box to get more square bases and rat bits. I will need quite a few more purchases before I will have enough to play with the army. I also need to keep an eye on the General's Handbook 2 news as that may change the outlook of my army. For that matter I need to learn what's in the Pestilens Battletome as well.

It's a little easier to determine what to get next for Hordes and BattleTech after these purchases. Nothing for a while! In BattleTechs case I feel I only need a few mechs for my purpose. Proxying is not as big of an issue in BattleTech and Chris has more than enough models to supply us both for the campaign. I don't need that many mechs to show off the look of my force and I think both the Warhammer and Longbow capture the essence of my army. If need be I can always add one or two more mechs later based on what I will bring in the campaign.

On the other hand I'm getting nothing for Hordes for while because I truly have no idea what to get. I still haven't play enough to even know I like the game. My knowledge on the game and Circle Orboros is quite low. I pick up the Druid Wilder because I really feel she will fit in how I want to play the game. They didn't have the Warbeast I was interested in so I grab Morvahna the Autumnblade instead. I knew I wanted her eventually and I need a warlock to start playing with so I figure might as well start with her. I wanted to start with a different warlock but I never found anyone else I was interested in. I initially wanted Morvahna later was because the story I'm crafting doesn't have her appear for a while, at least in combat. At least now when she does appear in my story I should be good at using her. But that is a long way down the road. Right now learning the game and what is my prefer play style are my top Horde priorities.

I initially wanted to pick up two female cloud giants to go into my Shieldmaiden army. I decide to just grab one now to see if I like the model and how I can paint it. If it turns out well then I will pick up a second cloud giant shortly. After taking her out the package and getting a good look at her, I think chances are good I will be getting that second one. The second giant will probably be a good time to practice doing conversions such as giving her a different weapons.

I'm really excited about everything I pick up. I hope by the end of the month I can have half the Plague Monks, the Chaos Warriors, and all the Team Yankee stuff finish. I'm already getting Team Yankee games in and I should be getting BattleTech and Hordes games soon as well. A gallery page will be forthcoming so I will have a place to post my progress with all these projects. Stay tune. Thanks for reading!

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