Saturday, February 15, 2014

So What's Next?

Greetings.  Things here are moving fast and I'm struggling to keep up.  There are a few subjects I want to discuss, starting with the LCS.

My initial plan was to write up random facts each week about the previous week in the NA LCS.  Then I notice the LCS displaying a lot of these same facts during their cast.  At first I thought that made my random facts a little pointless unless I can come up with unique facts.  But then I notice the LCS are not displaying some of these facts very long.  So I think I will write up another batch of random facts next week.  I also have an idea for a chart I want to put up as soon as I can.

The next subject I want to discuss are campaigns.  There are actually two that needs to be mention.  The first is that the Badlands are back though I am not running it this time, sadly.  GM campaign fell apart and in its place my group is redoing the Blood in the Badlands campaign.  The first meeting was last night and the stage was set.  The campaign will have 7 players and the first round of battle have been picked.  The GM has decide that every ones general and lieutenants will remain secret so I will not be posting character stats here like I did last time.  However everything else I post here or wanted to post here for the last Badlands campaign I plan on doing again here.  The extra campaign pages will be going up later this week.

The last thing I want to discuss is the other campaign I am involved in.  I have friends who really want to play in a Flames of War campaign but are not sure how to go about it.  Given my experience with war game campaigns I told them I would be will to run it.  It is probably a good thing I am not running the Badlands campaign after all.  Right now we are still in the planning stages.  We are looking at adopting a boardgame like Supremacy or Risk and replacing its combat mechanics with Flames of War battle.  I hope to get the campaign off the ground within the 4 or 5 weeks.

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