Thursday, February 20, 2014

NA LCS Charts - Week 5

I had an idea for a chart since super week but I need to wait until I had more data points to work with.  My idea was to have a chart show the ranking of each of the 8 teams after they have played an equal number of games.  I wonder what it would look like to rank the 8 LCS teams after each team played an equal number of games.  In actuality some teams end a week with more or less games played as others.  I do not think you can properly compare teams with uneven games played, hence my chart.  After 5 weeks of LCS action that chart looks like this:

While developing my rank chart I notice the teams win percentages from game to game.  I put that data into chart form and came up with this:

While the rank charts shows there are a top 4 and bottom 4 teams, this chart really shows how far ahead TSM and C9 is of the other six teams.  Six of the eight teams have a win rate of 50% or less.  Incredible.

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