Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random Facts about the first week of the NA LCS

The first week of the NA LCS is over.  The season started off with a super week and 16 action packed games.  I watch every game and took a few notes.  After crunching a few numbers I notice a few interesting facts.

40 different champions were pick over the weekend and there were 21 unique bans.  Hecarim was the only champion to be banned but not picked.

Teams that earned First Blooded or got the first Dragon won 11 out of 16 times while the team that got the first Baron won 15 out of 16 times.  Coast was the only team to lose after getting the first Baron against Curse.

Elise and Kassadin were the only champions that were 100% picked or banned.  Annie and Shyvana were the next most used champions at 15 and 14 out of 16 games respectively.  Kassadin was also the most banned champion with 15 bans.  The next closest were Kha'Zix with 8 bans and Riven with 7.

The champions with the best win record and were picked at least 3 times were  Olaf, LeBlanc, Thresh and Caitlyn.  LeBlanc and Olaf had perfect records while Thresh won 82% of the time.  Caitlyn was not far behind with a 71% win record.  On the opposite end of the spectrum the champions with the worst records were Trundle, Lucian and Gragas.  Trundle went winless going O and 3.  Lucian was not much better with a win record of only 11%.  It makes Gragas 20% win rate look decent.

Teams choice for first picks were interesting.  There were 3 common first picks and 4 that were only first picked once.  The common picks were Elise with a 50% first pick win rate, which was better than her overall win rate; Olaf with 100% first pick win rate because Olaf never lost; and Annie with a 66% win rate, double her overall win rate of 33%.

Next I looked at the unique champions between the teams.  By unique I mean a champion that was only played by a single team.  Now this does not factor in bans i.e. one of EG's unique champs was Kassadin who was also banned in every other game.  XDG Gaming had the fewest unique champs with zero.  Cloud 9, Team Coast and Dignitas had 1 each.  C9 had Teemo, Coast had Varus and Dig had Katarina.  Team SoloMid had two unique with Nunu and Sivir.  Team Curse also had two unique; Akali and Pantheon, both of whom which were devastating against XDG.  Counter Logic Gaming had the most unique champions with four; Cassiopeia, Ezreal, Vayne and Zac.

The last bit of random information I gather from the LCS were the different champions used in each role.  Top and Jungler had each 10, Mid had the most at 15, Adc had 7 and support had the fewest at 4.  Annie, Leona, Lulu and Thresh were the only champions used as support.  While Adc had more, 4 Adc champions were unique to a single team; Varus for Coast, Sivir for TSM, Ezreal and Vayne for CLG.  That means there were only 3 Adcs used by all the teams; Caitlyn, Jinx and Lucian.  Taking the unique champions out of the other roles you get Top and Mid tied with the most at 9 and the Jungler with 8.

Outside the above, what surprised me the most going over the numbers was that Rengar and Orianna was neither picked or banned.  Now Rengar might still have been globally banned because of bugs.  I do not remember any of the casters mention it but I possibly could have just missed it.  Orianna on the other hand I do not understand why she was never picked.  Maybe because I have been watching a lot of Korean games lately with Orianna being a hotly contested pick over there but I could have sworn she was also pretty big over here at NA.  Maybe teams are waiting later in the split to bring her out.  If this week has anything to go on, with the exception of Scarra, maybe players should look towards playing her instead of Gragas!

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