Monday, October 3, 2016

My First Circle Orboros Picks

I spend a day looking over my options for what to play in Circle Orboros and I have to say I am overwhelmed! I could tell the faction deck was pretty thick but I was still surprise at how many cards I got. Even with a handful of duplicates and warlocks needing 2 cards each, I feel like I have more options with Circle Orboros than with any other faction tabletop game I've committed to outside of maybe Battletech. Even if I was in a position to immediate start collecting, I would definitely play many many games with proxies so I would have some clue of what to get. With so many choices, trying to balance an army list between my own unique theme, how I want to play the game and what is actually viable is a little daunting. Fortunately I have experience with multiple different gaming systems to help out.

I've made some initial choices for my army which includes my first 10 point list and strangely enough the focus on my army theme help narrow down what I went with. Warlocks are the most important part of the army and I've decided to settle on 3 for now. Kaya the Moonhunter is my Zifa analogy and the warlock I used in my first list. Kaya and Zifa looks nothing alike so I will be making my own model for her. At one time I had a model for Zifa but I never assembled it and it started to tarnish. I will probably have to get a new model for her after I make sure how big Kaya is. The other warlocks I will be moving forward with are the two versions of Morvahna. Both versions have the abilities and spells I could associate with the ruler of my Fairy army. I haven't came up with a name for her yet but how I envision her looking isn't that different from Morvahna. If I like how she plays I will be picking up one or both Morvahna models, eventually. On the other hand I pick Kaya the Moonhunter because no other warlock had a design I could see Zifa using. I will need other warlocks later on when I expand on the Fairy Army's story to include more characters but for now I will just concentrate on the three.

As for the rest of my 10 point list I use a mix of solo units I'm interested in and a few light warbeast to fill it out. The solo units I'm using are a Druid Wilder, Bloodweaver Night Witch and Gallows Grove. I really like the Druid Wilder, like her game effects and thought it would fit perfectly into my Fairy army. If I enjoy her play style the Druid Wilder will be the first Circle Orboros model I will pick up. Bloodweaver Night Witch on the other hand is something that would be in Zifa's army. Will be looking to convert some for Zifa unless I dislike how they perform in the game. Gallows Grove was added to fill out points. Also it would be something easy to convert for Zifa if I keep it apart of my army. The next part of my list is about light warbests. Laris comes free with Kaya and I paid for Scarsfell Griffon, Wild Argus and Woldwyrd. These picks were mainly for me to get a feel for a variety of warbeasts. Since Laris and Kaya is a team I will need to makeup my own conversion for Laris. Depending on how big it is I may kitbash one of my Tyranid Hormagaunts to make a Zifa's Wild Argus. Lastly I realize I have an incomplete Warhammer Cockatrice which I could use to convert into a Scarsfell Griffon, or one of the other Griffons. Just need to get with my friend so I can compare sizes for my plan conversion to his Trollbloods. Once I get that done I can start work on my custom versions. I also would like to play with my 10 point list this week but that may not happen until next week. I will post any progress I make with Hordes here. Until next time!

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