Friday, March 11, 2016

Team Wraith Update

I'm jealous of how fast Tracy was able to put together his Soviets. Everything he owns is assemble and primed while I am not a quarter of the way to that with far less models. I suppose this is partly because I have a little OCD in me. Still I am happy to have any progress, with pictures no less! Here is the current look of Team Wraith:

I still have not done any work with the Cobra since my progress video. Everything else has some new elements. Minus magnets, the three Abrams are nearly assemble. And by assembled I mean a completed tank minus the tracks as I will paint the tank and tracks separately. The 66 is done and just needs to be prime. The tracks on it just need some minor touch up and then I can starting painting them. The others I will work on in stages so I don't mixed them up. That basically means when I prime the 66, I will then finish assembling the 11. When I finish painting the 66, I will prime 11 and assemble 12 and so on. I know this is slowing the progress down but I can't help it. The numbering of the tanks is based on the order I started assembling them and the OCD in me doesn't want to mix them up since putting on decals is the very last step. I got new black primer that acts as both primer and paint. This will make painting go much faster since I won't have to do a base coat. I will start on the next three Abrams shortly. Here is a close up picture of my Abrams.

Fortunately I don't have the same OCD issue with my M113s. There is an issue with their dragon mounts. When I deploy a mech platoon, I have the option of removing a M47 Dragon missile team to add a dragon mount on a M113. I have not played enough games to know how often I want to use this choice. I have never made one of my models modular before but I might need to learn how to for these. I probably should leave my M113s in an unfinished state until I decide on how I want to deal with the issue of the dragons. Except for the FIST. I will be working to finish the FIST as soon as I can. Here is a close up of the M113s.

In addition to these models I also have a box of infantry. I tried to prime 6 of them but something went wrong. For some reason the primer didn't stick so I need to redo them. Next time I will hopefully will have pictures of some of the infantry. Until then!

PS. War Journal: Flames of War has return! You can listen to episode 21 here.

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