Sunday, January 11, 2015

Update in Chaos (1-11-15)

We are now a few days into the new year and its pass time for me to reflect on 2014 and where I want to go next. While I am happy that I have made some progress with the site this last year, Chaos Magic is no where near the place I need it to be. The progress I did make gave me a taste of what I need to do and what I need to change about myself to make Chaos Magic my livelihood. Unfortunately I know those changes are not easy to make and I am running out of time to make them.

A bright point in the year for me was National Write a Novel Month. If you are unfamiliar with NaNo, the idea is to challenge yourself write 50,000 words during the month of November. Its a world wide event and being apart of a community trying to do the same helps motivates you. This was my 7th year participating and for the first time I achieve 50,000 words. 'Winning' as it so call have been a goal of mine for a long time and I was extremely happy that I finally reach that accomplishment. What I wrote was a mess but that is besides the point. It proves that I am capable of constantly writing nearly everyday for a month. It proves that I do have what it takes to make a living on this hobby. I just need to take that first step that takes my dream into reality. And then the second step, and then the third ...

Anyway, here are updates to the projects I am currently working on at Chaos Magic.

Battletech - Sadly all my Battletech plans are in limbo. I struggled with trying to come up with a format to cover the league here. Beside those issues which were due to the nature of the league, there was also another Battletech campaign that stole some of the league's thunder. Several players were in both and to be frank the campaign look like it was more interesting as it was squad on squad action oppose to a one on one gladiatorial fight. To top it off the commissioner got burned out from working on both games and need to take a break. If and when the league starts up again is not in my hands. If it does return my participation might be reduce. I do miss playing Battletech but I much rather play larger battles oppose to one on one fights. The two mechs I got for the league will be sideline in the meantime.

Border Prince - The Border Prince Campaign is still going strong. The last two turns have been extended due to the holidays and player sickness. The next meeting should be around the end of this month. I am behind on the turn maps and Chaos Lore. I should be back on track with the turn maps by the time the next meeting happens. As for the lore that might be a little longer. I want to setup a Border Prince page before I work on my backlog of lore. The page would allow me to have all the Border Prince related links in one easy to read location. My current backlog is Warriors of Chaos 3, 6 and 7. It will probably a grow a little before I can get to it. The plan now is to get the page up around mid February with the backlog to follow on a weekly schedule.

Warhammer - I have greatly expanded my Chaos army over the holidays. Between Creatures of the Chaos Waste box, Hellstriders of Slaanesh box and all my other incomplete models I have a lot of stuff to put together and paint. Once finish I will have a wide spread of options for my Warriors of Chaos army. After one last purchase (the new Putrid Blightkings), I think I start working on my second army for fantasy. My initial plans was to build an Undead and Goblin army. An all goblin army that will use the lore of undeath to summon undead. The rumors of 9th edition briefly gave me pause but I think I will still work on it. I like the concept of the army so I'm willing to take a risk on it. My long term plans requires a large variety of models so if my goblin army is unplayable in 9th then the models will still be of use to me. Other Warhammer plans outside of picking up terrain pieces are on hold until 9th edition comes out.

Flames of War - Until recently I had not done much with Flames of War because my friend disappeared from my gaming circle. Turns out Tracy was looking to move into a house so he could invite people over to play games ... like Flames of War. He has started making Flames of War video content on his youtube channel here. I am working on designing a Flames of War narrative campaign that the two of us can play. It is still in the early sketches but the idea will be to have the storyline posted here and battle reports posted on his channel.

There is still talks of us going to tournaments. For tournaments I have decide to settle on a few tank company list in Bridge at Remagen. Given that Tracy has none of the models that could be in those lists I need to buy everything in it myself. Currently I own very little stuff for Flames of War, which is why I can not play without Tracy's involvement. I will probably start picking Flames of War stuff up next month.

Others - There a few others things I am currently working on or plan to start working on soon. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to start finishing models. I have a lot of models that is mostly painted or partially painted but I have nothing that I would consider done. While I won't go back to have a routine painting log like I've done before, I will be posting pictures of my finish models onto a gallery page. This will mostly be Warriors of Chaos pictures though hopefully I can finish a few Flames of War or Battletech models as well. In addition to finish models I will be posting pictures of my kitbasing projects to the gallery page. I will be talking more about my kitbasing projects on the gallery page once it is up.

Also I want to do a few videos. Since this site deals so much with the miniature gaming hobby I figure I should probably make a video discussing in detail what the hobby is. Then I want to do a video series on Relic Knights. Relic Knights is a game I like the looks of but I have never played it. I figure this would be a good opportunity to record a show about one of my miniature hobbies from the beginning.

Lastly, I am still planning on doing a World of Chaos page that will host the background stories display in many of my campaigns. At the latest I foresee the page being up in mid February and its first entry to be posted shortly there after.

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