Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Plague Angels

One of the reasons I enjoy this hobby is because good project ideas can come from your left over bits. My newest kitbash project came about in this way. This project has a bit of a story behind it that starts with the release of the latest Warriors of Chaos book. At the time I was more than a little miff that when the book came out Games Workshop also raised the price of Daemon Princes and Chaos Spawn boxes. Given that the new book made those models more or less mandatory, I was irritated enough to look for other models to use as my Daemon Prince. The only thing I found on the shelf of my local gaming store that I would consider were the Kings of War Basilean Elohi Troop. I like the look of angelic characters (both good and evil), and I figure I could painted them up with a fallen angel kind of look. I knew they came on 40 mm base. While the daemon prince is on 50 mm base, a lot of my models are big for the base they come with and I figure the Basilean Elohi being on a larger base wouldn't make them look too out of place. I was wrong. Opening up the box I quickly realize they were much smaller than I thought they were going to be. They were a little small for a 40 mm base so there was no way I could make them look okay on a 50 mm base. At least not as an army centerpiece. That means at the time I had no use for the models so the Elohi got thrown into my miniature closet. The King of War's boxes make good traveling cases so I had the Basilean Elohi Troop box around for carrying various models. Now fast forward to today. Recently I pick up Games Workshop new Putrid Blightkings. It a nice kit with many options. Looking through my options while being near my Elohi carrying case, I realize I should enough left over bits from making the Blightkings to convert the Elohi into something resembling Nurgle like angels. They both are on 40 mm bases so I don't have my previous issue with the Elohi.

Once I make my Plague Angels the question will be what do I use them for. Probably the most common answer will be as extra Blightking models. But that is really just the beginning. In campaigns down the road I have the opportunity to write storylines and rules around them. Writing up new fluffy will no doubt lead to new interesting ideas that I could add to the angels. I've been in campaigns before where I could have made custom units and it would be nice to have something ready next time. But all this for now is in the future. I have a few other things to work on before I can get to the Plague Angels, among them is my custom Hell Cannon. Progress on the Angels and Hell Cannon will be up on a gallery page. For now here is a picture of the boxes to the Putrid Blightkings and the Basilean Elohi Troop.

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