Monday, August 25, 2014

Update in Chaos (8-25-14)

Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball and if you do not have strong convictions it can derail your plans.  I'm recovery from such a situation.  On the bright side (assuming the issue is done with) I am in a much better position to work on this blog.  Since my hiatus a lot has happen in my gaming world.  Here is a rundown of that news.

Warhammer - My group has decide to end the Blood in the Badlands campaign early.  Many players were unhappy with the rule set.  I suppose I am not surprised.  Blood in the Badlands has a lot of interesting ideas and concepts but the rules were too loose and confusing.  A good GM can run patch these problems as they come up to make an enjoyable campaign.  However our GM ran the campaign in a tournament style with a prize for the winner at the end.  With a campaign like these the GM doesn't have the flexibility need overcome these problems and the Badlands flaws quickly became quite obvious.  I also think the designers wrote Badlands to be more of a narrative style campaign anyways.

For our next campaign the group decided on a narrative Border Prince campaign from the General's Compendium.  The GM did some minor tweak to the rules and added that players get bonus points for battles by writing short stories about our general and/or army adventures in the campaign.  The campaign has already started and we are on turn 3.  With Border Prince battles are not automatic each turn.  Two enemy banners need to meet up before a battle will happen.  If at the end of the turn there are no battles to fight we will immediately proceed to the next turn.  This is why we are on turn 3 after the first meeting.  I will post a map later this week to show what everyone controls so far.  In the coming weeks I will make a page for the campaign.

My World of Chaos page and entries are still coming.  Work on them will start once my current games are up to date.  I've change the topics I was going to start with.  Because of the Border Prince campaign the first two entries will be on the Arkyrian Cabal and Arkyrian member Vanacyr.  Amirren's forces will probably be after them.

Battletech - My friend has started a Solaris Battletech League which I am a part of.  Each player that joins the League starts with 3 pilots and $30,000,000 C-Bills to buy at least 3 mechs.  Players can play as much or as little as they want or have the time.  In the coming weeks I will make a page for the League so others can follow some of the action.  Given how the League operates I am unsure at how to format the information.  It may take me much longer to get it out than the Border Prince page.  We will see.  I will be posting some short stories about my faction here.  Summaries and links will be on the League page.

Flames of War - There is still talks about starting a Flames of War campaign but nothing has been formalized yet to my knowledge.  I hear that the number of FoW players in the area is growing so once a campaign does get off the ground there should be more than enough interest to support it.  On the hobby side I've decide to change how I collect Flames of War.  Originally I was going to choose my purchases by picking units I like using.  After a while I would have a large enough force that I can using my own models without proxying.  This is how I built (still building actually) my Chaos army.  However when my friend Tracy mention he wants to go to a tournament sometime I realize I did too.  To make a legal list as fast as possible I've decide to write up a list I am happy with and only buy items in that list.  I will still play with other lists in pick-up games and/or the campaign if one starts.  I will make that list after Battlefront gives the point totals for official tournaments in the 2014-2015 season.  Until then I can pick up the things I know will be in the list and work on the story behind my fantasy German army.

This is a glimpse of my current projects.  I will be going into far more details on everything discuss so far and more in the coming weeks.  Until then.

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