Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Progress Review #2

This was another month that I was disappointed in the amount of progress that didn't happen and at the same time happy any progress was actually made. I didn't get to Relic Knights or the Plague Monks. I did do a lot more priming than what I will be showing. For one reason or another that stuff needs another coat and isn't ready to paint. Here's what I did get done by the end of the month:

I'm still mostly just got Team Yankee stuff done. Might as well start with the non Team Yankee stuff I got done.

Not much to say here. Both of my BattleTech models were assembled, primed and are now ready to be painted. I had to re-glue a limb on the Warhammer because of a nasty fall from me bumping the table. It might need a touch up with a little priming but otherwise it should be ready to paint. I just need to come up with my BattleTech paint scheme.

I still haven't got the replacement part for the 5th Soviet tank so I only have 4 T-72s to work with. I manage to get paint on 2 more tanks but all 4 has a long way to go. The red needs a quick touch up and then I will need to put on the green camo. I'm in a quander about what to do with the others. I'm not sure whether to still do red camo, just have 4 red dots or leave them a solid green. In any case they still need a few more coats before I have to decide.

On the West German side, the only thing I got done on my Leopard 2 was get a little paint on the tracks. I spent most of my time with the T-72s instead. The Gepards were easy to assemble. I was priming several things at once so I included the Gepards. There was no trouble with the bodies but the turrets had issues which cause me to stop. I have since fix those issues but still need to finish priming them. I have since started painting their bodies however.

My plans for the rest of the month is quite a bit different from my previous month's goals. I still hope to get started on Relic Knights but I'm putting the T-72s and Plague Monks on the back burner for the next two months. I recently learn that a Team Yankee tournament that I can get to is coming up. I'm not a fan of a 85 point game but I can reach that with my West Germans by finishing what I already have, proxing in my American M109s as West German M109s and three new purchases. Not that much all things considering. So the West Germans is where I will be putting the bulk of my efforts into. In addition, Tracy has talk me into trying a new game, Test of Honour. For a war game it is relatively cheap. It is a 28 mm samurai warfare game which puts it in a similar scale as Warhammer. I plan to pickup a box and put the handful of models together by the end of the month.

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