Saturday, November 21, 2015

Amended to War Journal Episode 19

We just release the newest episode of War Journal: Flames of War. On this episode, which is 19, Hydra, Cobra and a New World Order, Question of the Week #94 baffled us. Even after doing a little research we were still confused about this question. We say that we finally figured it out during the podcast but we really didn't. It wasn't until we were editing the podcast together that we finally got what was confusing us. I suggest you listen to the episode, or at least to Front Page News where the issue came up first before reading the second part of this post. Doing so will give you a frame of reference to understand my explanation.

First of all, this question only deals with moving in the movement step. I missed that part until much later. Knowing that wouldn't have help us get the answer right but it would have help us understand why their answer was correct. Next, rotating the turret does not count as moving at all. You have to rotate the turret to face whatever you are shooting in the shooting step which doesn't count as moving. I suppose it would be unfairly harsh to punish an action in one step when you could just simply want until the next step and do the same action for free. I think we made up the rule about the turrets hitting the trees causing bogging check because we were trying to explain a ruling about a different issue we saw in "Letters From the Front" which had to do with the stormtroopers move. That dealt with the question 'Can you use stromtroopers special rule to just rotate the turret'. The answer was yes but it counts as moving (thereby causing a bogging check). I think we mistakenly took rotating the turret with stormtroopers move causing a bogging check meant any rotating the turret in difficult terrain counts as moving. We now know that is not the case. I hope this brief explanation helps you understand what our issue was in the podcast. Until Next Time!

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