Sunday, June 15, 2014

The World of Chaos

One aspect of what I would like to achieve with this blog is to provide story elements to supplement my war game campaign experience. While my previous attempts have ended in unsuccessful ways, those games have pave the groundwork for a cast of characters and ideas I will continue to use in future campaigns, short stories and other projects. If those campaigns had worked out like I wanted, the overall framework would look something like the following: I would start with an introduction article that explains the campaign and the storyline behind it. The introduction would be followed by a series of character articles. Each of these articles would discuss the history and back stories of the campaign's major actors. Lastly, one or more articles/short fiction would be posted to explain the actors link to the campaign storyline. That was the plan. In practice I never got much further than posting the introduction. Some articles were written but never posted. Others were thought up but never written before the campaign's untimely end.

I've decide it is time to flush out these unwritten stories and begin posting them here regularly(and in the process create new ones). These character articles will be short fiction that explains who the character is, what powers they possess, who they associate with and a little bit of their history. I will be following each of these short fiction with an article series that I will be calling "World of Chaos." I will be discussing in these article the characters from a game play point of view. This means how I plan to convert a character's lore into table top game stats and all other issues this creates. I will also setup a "World of Chaos" page that will serve as a nexus for my fantasy setting. Among other things, the page will include brief versions of character lore and links to the full articles.

Now all this is just for my fantasy setting, represented by games like Warhammer Fantasy or Kings of War. It is unlikely any of my Flames of War campaigns will have story elements to them. I will have a science fiction setting to chronicled my adventures with BattleTech. However any character fiction article will be written to contribute to a particular BattleTech campaign or league. At that same token any BattleTech nexus pages will be for a particular campaign.

I will conclude on one final point. My fiction is independent of gaming systems. By that I mean my fiction is not set in the universe of the game I'm playing in. For example my Chaos fiction has many elements that goes against Warhammer Fantasy lore. Warhammer Fantasy did inspire me but I quickly morph those initial ideas and concept into my own world. As a side benefit this will allows me to change game systems if needed and I can still continue with the same story.

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