Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Update in Chaos

This month have been disappointing in terms of progress for this blog.  Hopefully I can turn that around soon.  In the meantime here is the statuses of my blog projects.

Flames of War - After posting the last battle report I learned the global campaign had ended two days earlier.  *sigh* With the campaign over I will not be doing much with the game.  I still enjoy Flames of War but my funds are limited and I have a very long list to use them on.  Before I say goodbye to Flames of War for the near future I want to play one more game dealing with Operation Overlord. and post a video battle report.  Obvious it will not affect the campaign but it was the next Flames of War related thing on my to do list.  It will also give me practice doing video reports.

Showcase - I have miss posting a showcase for the last couple of weeks for a variety of reasons, none of them good.  Last week I left my home to do some painting and photo work but I never made it to the shop.  I did learn one thing from that trip.  I have a cockatrice that I have mostly basecoated at home and will be added to the painting log.  I say mostly because it is missing some spots which prove I do not have the proper lighting to paint at home.  I do not have anything to carry the cockatrice in so I've just been holding it by hand when I transport it.  On my failed trip to the shop last week I notice that I have somehow been striping the paint off the cockatrice with my fingers.  I guess I must be holding it too hard or something.  It is frustrating but not a big deal as I am still basecoating it.  However now I must find a carrying case for it and my chimera that I've recent put together before I can do any detail painting on it.  My current plans is to do a new showcase next week on Tuesday.

GM Campaign - Beside me being horribly late in updating, the campaign is proceeding reasonably well.  We are currently on Turn 6 and the last turn had a free for all Storm of Magic mega battle.  The game had some "interesting" events to say the least.  My current goal is to write and post my prologue story that have been hiding in my head for a few months now by this Saturday.  The first campaign recap I hope to post by next Monday.

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