Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Progress on Forsaken

Here is my second paint log.  I still have not touch the Valiant.  My progress on the forsaken feels so slow.  I need to get a move on since I want to use them in the opening battle of the campaign which is less than two weeks away if not sooner.  Still comparing this week pictures to last weeks gives me hope to continue working.  I did not do as much work at the shop as I would have hope and ran out of time for pictures.  These pictures were taken at home which was a mistake.  It took me 60 plus shots to get 3 pictures that was not blurry.

The arm came off from me dropping my clippers on them.  Fortunately it was just the glue giving out.  I haven't re-glued it yet because it is easier to paint.  Everything should be on bases and nearly done by next week.

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