Friday, March 29, 2013

Farewell to Badlands

This post will be the final chapter of my short lived Blood and the Badlands Campaign.  At least with this version of Badlands.  I took pictures during three of the five campaign battles that we had.  The idea was to write battle reports of what happen and include some of the pictures.  I never got around to writing those battle reports but I still have the pictures.  Here are some of the pictures with comments on what was going on.

The first set is from the Daemons vs Warriors in Turn 1.

Daemons lining up for war

 Warriors doing the same

The dreaded Chaos Knights with the BSB on Daemonic Mount prepare to charge a horde of Plaguebearers.

Beast of Nurgle vs. Nurgle Warriors.  Having their own private battle while everyone else is ...

Here.  This was a nightmare for Daemons.  The Chaos Knights got the ultimate blessing from the Warshrine.  They were a nearly an unstoppable force destroying everything in their path.  Getting help from an equally hard to kill Warshrine with Chaos Trolls flanking made this a very sad day for Daemons.  The horde of Bloodletters behind the Plaguebearers did not fair much better.

The next set was from Warriors vs. Lizardmen from Turn 1

Chaos lining up

Lizardmen lining up

Funniest part of the game.  Saurus Warriors needed an 8 to charge the Khorne Warriors.  They failed.  So the Khorne Warriors charged needing 6. They failed as well!  I imagine both side saying "Come and get some! No you come here and get some!"  When they finally got into combat, the Khorne Warriors lost combat and broke.  They managed to rally and were charged again.  Out numbered and without frenzy, they won the second combat.

The last two pictures are from Warriors vs. Lizardmen rematch from Turn 2

The calm before the storm of battle!

The game was won/lost right here.  Vanacyr leaded her block of Slannesh Chosen into battle against Lord Khakro and his Temple Guards.  The two side hacked at each other for 3 full turns.  On the last turn of the game Saurus Warriors manage to make a long flank charge and killed the Chaos BSB.  The Temple Guards were wiped out but Lord Khakro survived and with the help from the warriors won the battle.  Vanacyr broke from combat and was ran down, moments away from the game being declared a draw.

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