Friday, November 16, 2012

Turn 2

Summary of the beginning of Turn 2 is as follows.  Warriors of Chaos won both Turn 1 battles though its general Lytrias was captured in the process.  Nevertheless the Arkyrian Army has taken an early lead by claiming a relic from the battle with Lizardmen.  Every army except Lizardmen build wizard towers.  But then again they don't need to.  Lizardmen instead rebuild its fortress.  While mining for gold both Warriors of Chaos and Lizardmen had theirs collapsed leaving Daemons with the only current working one.  As for battles, Warriors of Chaos decided to invade the High Elves.  Unfortunately for them Daemons and Lizardmen wanted a round 2 leaving them (meaning me) with 3 battles this turn.

I will be adding a new page, Regiments of Renown or something to that effect.  Throughout the campaign some units or heroes will be granted special gifts or magic items.  When that happens its composition is frozen and will always have to be used when that army fights.  So the new page will be the list of these special units from every army.  So far Warriors of Chaos is the only race with any.  Over the weekend I will have this page up, the battle page updated, hopefully a current version of the map and anything else I can muster.

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