Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What is Blood in the Badlands and an Army Roster

In case anyone does not know what Blood in the Badlands is, here is a brief description.  Badlands is an alternate set of rules for the Mighty Empires campaign.  The campaign will take place over 12 turns, which represents one year in game time.  Each turn players will play at least one Warhammer Fantasy battle while also expanding their empire by moving armies, fortifying territory and collecting gold from mines on a tile map.  Some of the Warhammer battles will take advantage of the Storm of Magic rules for added magic and monster craziness.  The seasons each have their own rules that slightly alters game play.  Each season last 3 game turns and will end with a mega-battle, an epic battle involving every player.  The winner of the last mega-battle is the winner of the entire campaign.

I've add an Army Roster page so anybody can see who has sign up so far and what army they are planning on using. Any questions about the roster or the campaign itself please email me at vadth_the_bluelock@yahoo.com.


  1. Sounds fun. I won't be able to play, but would love to follow along. Will this site be updated on the progress of the campaign?

  2. That is the plan. At the very least I will be updating the campaign map, list matchup, battle results and relic totals to the site. With time and ability permitting I would like to also add battle summaries, campaign fiction and empire profiles.

    1. Sounds good. I have my RSS feed set up and I look forward to the updates once the campaign gets rolling!